Zine Review: Burn-out

Burn –out: A Mini-Zine About Burnout and Self Care
Holly Casio

Burn-out is a mini perzine on green paper about burnout and self-care. (Have to love the description right there on the cover!)

There’s a certain irony in falling asleep because you’ve overdone it just as you’re about to read a zine about burnout. As a work-addicted stress bug, I’m always up for reading about things that’ll help me take better care of myself. This zine has the perzine appeal while also offering ideas on self-care.

Holly hits the topic hard straight away with what burnout is like and how it happens. I appreciated how Holly distinguished right on the first page that it’s not about specific activities – it’s about doing too much for you. Full stop.

“Ultimately [all tasks] are all still blocks in the massive Jenga tower of burnout I am building myself.”

I had a lot of empathy for Holly when reading about guilt over how there are difficult things that would be easy or even trivial for other people. At the same time, I was impressed by the recognition that it takes time and energy to be a good friend, to be a good girlfriend, and to socialise – things we often overlook when looking for reasons for burnout.

The action plan at the end of the zine is a good one, and one I plan to start implementing in my life. Though, as Holly says,

“Self-care is dead easy on paper.”

This zine is a short read but a valuable one – and one I appreciate. If you work a lot, too much, or think you may be anywhere near burning out, then pick up this zine.

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