Reviews Coming Soon!

I want to get this place kicking again, and the best way I can do that is by doing some zine reviews. If you would like me to review your zine (unlikely, as I am just starting out, but you never know), leave a comment on this post.

I Want to Be a Distro When I Grow Up

This may be strange coming from someone who has posted less than ten times in the past year, but it’s true. I want to run a distro someday.

There’s way too much on my plate right now to do so – even from my home. But once the big items on my to-do list are taken care of, who knows? I have been visiting the online spaces of distros… or, at least, what used to be distros. Many of them have shut down or halted business indefinitely.

I’d love to set up a distro. Someday…

Pozible Countdown

There are only 71 hours left to go on my Pozible Project. Be a part of publishing Fading Echoes, and get some great prizes in return.

Also check out the project page to see a video of me answering some frequently asked questions about the book.

***Everyone who donates – regardless of amount – will be entered in a draw for a prize pack from me! Included are signed copies of Echo Falls and Fading Echoes, a bookmark, and a sterling silver wolf charm on a silver necklace.***

Happy New Year!

As you no doubt noticed, things got a little slack here in the last half of last year. That’s because I took up being a full time student and got lost in the mix there.

But now I am back in action, and I will be posting more here again. Get ready for more stuff from yours truly.

And if you are a zine creator, don’t be shy about contacting me! I love to help promote fellow zinesters.


I am testing out Windows Live Writer to see if it makes posting easier. Bear with me.

Still Alive!

Sea Green Zines is still alive! Just a little slothful.

I am very happy to announce that Dear Anonymous 2 is complete! Now only copies need to be made and sewn.

So if you have letters for the next zine, send them in! Email here.


The Occupy Melbourne zine is done and ready for copying, topping out at both my quickest made zine as well as my longest zine (30 pages). Though Occupy Melbourne (and Sydney, for that matter) no longer have libraries to donate to because of this:

But that doesn’t mean anything is stopping. Melbourne and Sydney are still grouping. I am still planning on sending out copies (unbound, so those who receive can copy as they please) of my zine to ‘occupy’ libraries. I want the world to know what happened in Australia and I want them to know how occupy movements came together in support.

If anyone would like to contribute to another zine like this and/or if you know the PO boxes of occupy movements, please let me know.

Occupy Melbourne Zine

I may claim that I’m still ‘just thinking about it’, but I’m doing a little more than thinking. I put this together as a front cover.

It’s not as impressive in black and white, which I will have to print most – if not all – of them in. But I still like it as a colour. I want it to show that we’re all in this together on a worldwide scale.

Again, if anyone wants to contribute, be it with a quote, poem, diary entry, whatever, let me know. As long as you’re cool with it going in the zine, it’s all good. I’m happy to include links if you direct me with a blog entry that you would like to include.

I’m also happy to take screen shots if you have some gold in them Twitter hills. 😉 Haha.