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Mailbox at the Salford Zine Library in Manchester

I’m really curious about local zine scenes anywhere in the world, what they are like, which kind of zines are written, who is writing them, how are those zines distributed, what is the response, are there zine fests / workshops / shops / libraries / distros or other projects, are they linked to subcultures / political movements / art scenes / certain spaces, a little bit of local zine herstory/history…

Please send me your local* zine scene reports and I will publish them on this blog! I’m especially interested in a focus on feminist / poc / queer / trans / grrrl / per – zines but anything is welcome!

Mail me at flapper_grrrl@yahoo.co.uk

*You can decide on how you define “local”. It can be a city/town, country, or other geographical region.

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Zine Review: The Life and Times of Cashed Up Bogans

Terrible Comics Presents: The Life and Times of Cashed Up Bogans
Sober Bob Monthly
IG: @soberbobmonthly

There’s a saying in Australia – “not happy, Jan” – that sums of feelings of extreme annoyance. That saying came to mind when I read this comic zine. Sober Bob isn’t happy, Jan, and she’s not about to hold back on what she thinks.

Cashed Up Bogans is a full colour comic of cynical musings about modern so-called ‘middle class’ life and the dredges of suburban humanity. Each page has its own multi-panel comic featuring the hypocrises and shallowness that turn people into full-time cynics.

‘Draw Your Favourite Bogan*’ – a spot on the inside front cover – made me laugh out loud. But when it came to the comic about real estate… Well, after spending the past two years or so learning about the annoyances, discrimination, and outright BS in that system, I felt annoyed all over again.

Even though I’m a ‘why can’t we all just be a bit nicer to each other’ kind of woman, I fell right into this zine. I totally understood why Sober Bob made this zine, and I know a fair few friends of mine who would enjoy it as much as I have.

I feel like Cashed Up Bogans is a combination of rant, dark humour, and completely taking the piss out of common culture. Because, in the end, they are jokes (even if they have teeth). I definitely want to see more of the terrible comics series.

If you like to take a dark poke at humanity – more specifically the suburban class – then this zine is one to check out.

*Bogan is more or less the Australian equivalent of the US redneck mixed with the stereotypical trailer trash.

New Levels of Exhaustion

Hello, wonderful zine fans!

My apologies for leaving the blog so quiet this week, but it’s for good reason!

We have keys, my friends! Keys to the new post box!

Wanderer and I were up before dawn on Monday to drive the six hours to Murray Bridge. We, of course, couldn’t resist and took a peek at the new place, but it was all business after that as we ran around gathering paperwork, so on and so forth.

Early to bed, early to rise again Tuesday with our house inspection Tuesday morning before the six hour drive back. (The house is gorgeous, but I won’t bore you with the details.)

So I am thoroughly exhausted, but I will be very excited to show you the new space for Sea Green Zines in just a couple weeks!

I apologise if this is a bit all over the place. I am still incredibly tired and my to-do list is huge – including zine-y goodness. I am literally unable to relax when there’s so much to do and two weeks left to do it in, but this too shall pass.

There are new zines to come, the new address to come, and more posts to come. And better writing if I can finally get a good night’s sleep. 😉

(We found a place that does amazing onion rings. More positives for the move.)