Happy Mail: Sweets Edition

Hello, zine friends!

Is it Monday already? The weekend went way too fast for me. Then again, that sort of thing is bound to happen when you rarely stop working and struggle to, you know, take a day off every now and then. Haha.

This week’s happy mail was such a surprise! Let’s dive right in.

Given I hadn’t yet replied (it’s now in the mail!) to the last letter from Anna, this one was very much a surprise. A lovely little note and some fun buttons for my collection! These both remind me of my high school days. I was all about smiley faces and writing back then. I love the nostalgia. Thanks so much, Anna!

Wowza! When Xyendra mentioned that we could do a trade because they had some zines from my wishlist, I wasn’t expecting this! It’s like Christmas and my birthday!

I am so excited to start reading these. So many zines to cross off the wish list! My gosh – the generosity. I am just utterly gobsmacked.

Chocolate. Chocolate from Canada. Different kinds of chocolate from Canada to try. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

My gosh. I have a sweet tooth like no other, and I love chocolate. So, so good. Yes, I’ve already tried some, and Xyendra has excellent taste. EEE! I can’t believe someone sent me chocolate! ^_^

What could possibly make me any happier than receiving zines and chocolate? A super cute pen! A super cute pen with a cupcake on top for my perzine series Don’t Call Me Cupcake. How gorgeous is that.

Thank you so much, Xyendra.

A massive thank you to Anna, Xyendra, and everyone who takes time out of their days to check out the blog and send me such lovely zines and bits and bobs that brighten up my world bubble.

That’s me for today, friends. I hope the start to your week is a good one.

Until next time!


Call for Submissions: All In Your Head Issue 8: To The Bone

[Image Description: drawing of a skeleton arching their back and tilting head backward. Text reads: call for submissions. Issue #8: To The Bone”]

Call for Submissions!

All in Your Head is a queer/feminist traditional cut-and-paste style zine with a focus on LGBTQIA neurodivergent and disabled activists, zinesters, artists, and authors, sponsored by GlitterWurst Zine Distro. Our zine operates on the following *principles:

1.) social inequality and injustice exists [racism, classism, ableism, heterosexism, cissexism to name a few];
2.) disability, neurodiversity can be understood as a viable form of human difference that intersects with/is shaped by systems of dominance;
3.) claims that there is a “normal” bodymind can have damaging and harmful effects (physically/emotionally/spiritually) and are partly shaped by current social/cultural values and white western colonial histories;
4.) neuroqueer and disabled people must navigate cultural taboos, move among complex institutions and systems of care and negotiate conflicting ideas of “wellness/illness,“ “silence/disclosure,” “visibility/invisibility;” “dis/ability” and more
5.) most importantly, our stories matter. (*this list is by no means exhaustive)

We are seeking submissions for issue #8 of All in Your Head: TO THE BONE: OUR QUEER CRIP BODIES, OURSELVES. We accept many kinds of submissions including but not limited to: essays, short stories, poems, personal narratives, manifestos, rants, drawings, doodles, illustrations, photography, collage, book or movie reviews (related to the theme), song lyrics, playlists, short plays/monologues and more! We resist the notion that there is such as thing as a “good writer/good artist” and seek to dismantle, critique, and challenge that “good writing/good art” means from a queer, disabled, neurodivergent perspective.

Some possible topics for TO THE BONE may include:
-Reclaiming and living in our bodies which exist at the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, class, disability, size, and a multitude of other differences.
-Visceral knowing, alternative modes of thinking, perceiving, feeling via a queer crip, neuroqueer bodymind.
-Queer disabled engagements with artistic or spiritual bodily movement and practice such as: dance, yoga, theater, slam poetry, film, singing (and others!).
-Critiques of and engagements with the notion of “transcending disability.”
-Explorations of the mindbody split trough the lens of disability.
-Analyses of disability, passing, and embodiment.
-The rhetoric of “loss” and disabled embodiment (i.e.: “sight loss,” “loss of limbs”).
-Queer disability, pleasure, body erotics.

*Deadline: February 28th, 2018
*Send submission and bio to: allinyourheadzine@gmail.com
*Please limit your submissions to approximately 1500 words and/or send high quality images of your artwork/photography. *We enthusiastically welcome and prioritize submissions by queer, trans, and disabled IPOC.

All contributors will receive a free copy in the mail!