Zine Review: G.P.S. Ghostly Paranormal Séance

G.P.S. Ghostly Paranormal Séance

GPS is a ½ fold full-colour horror comic about a car GPS that is either possessed or straight from hell.

GPS opens with a couple out driving and the doom that befalls them when they decide to trust their GPS more than their instincts.

But the GPS isn’t done yet, and that couple isn’t the last…

Fun fact: I grew up on horror movies. I like horror, and I don’t mind a bit of gore – both of which you will get in this zine.

That being said, I actually chuckled a bit with this (which probably says something bad about me). It reminded me of those GPS stories you’d hear of years back. People were driving into fields and lakes because they trusted their GPS so much.

The hand drawing coloured with crayons and markers (I believe) works in juxtaposition to the horror content. I enjoyed it, but I’m also someone who sometimes laughs inappropriately laughs during horror movies.

If you like comics, if you like horror, then check this out.

And never trust your GPS.


The Community Episode – The Zine Collector Podcast Episode 010

Today we have a very special episode of The Zine Collector with guest zinemakers from around the world! Join me in welcoming them as they share why zines are important to them.


People/Places/Zines Mentioned This Episode:

*Ken Bausert – https://www.instagram.com/passcribe/
*Latibule Art – https://www.instagram.com/latibule_art/
*Craig Atkinson – https://www.instagram.com/craiganthonyatkinson/
*Kristyn Kinsel – https://www.instagram.com/kryscolour/
*Feral Publications – https://www.instagram.com/feralpublication/
*Josh Medsker – https://joshmedsker.com

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Spanish Summer by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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Technical Difficulties (Hello, Monday!)

Hello, zine friends! I hope this post finds you well and starting your week with wonderful things.

Mondays are usually for mail opening videos, but alas, this Monday has brought technical difficulties here. What started as trying to get my video editing software to work has ended up being a grand affair which has left my computer, well, repairing at the moment. (Wanderer is the more technical person.)

I know I could post something a bit ‘rougher’, but I’d really rather keep with how I do things now.

Does that make me a stickler? Probably. Haha. It’s been a battle between the part of me that prizes consistency in what I do and the part of me that wants to keep (and improve, of course) what I’m already doing.

This is the point when I wonder if I’m overthinking. Haha.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that everything will be sorted by tomorrow.

Especially as I have something special planned for the podcast on Wednesday…

Until next time!

Call for Submissions: Plump the Post

Plump the Post! is a mail art project centering and celebrating fat queer and trans folks–and submissions are now wide
open! Please send plush postcards, packages, enveloped things, curiosities, and all other miscellany that can be mailed.

Plump the Post! welcomes drawings, photographs, scrawls, sketches, typographic art, scribbles, fiber art, self-portraits, collages, mixed media, sculpture, comics, abstract art, and any other mailed creation that reflects queer and trans fat liberation, however obliquely. Identifying as an artist is not required, being a “good” artist is not necessary, not one bit.

Submissions will be photographed and shared (with permission, attribution, and obscured addresses) via a social media gallery. In Fall 2018 participating mail artists will receive a zine anthology (physical copy) featuring all contributions.

Deadline: September 19, 2018

Email plumpthepost@gmail.com to get the address for mailing your work or to ask any questions. Please submit, please spread the word, and please plump the post!

This project was funded in part by a grant from
NOLOSE (www.nolose.org), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

[Image: Background is a colorful array of stamps, papers, pens on a tablecloth with astrological symbols. Illustration of a lilac envelope exploding with pink hearts in the lower right-hand corner. White foreground reads, “Fat Queer & Trans Mail Art/Plump the Post!/plumpthepost@gmail.com.” A constellation of decorative dots on the foreground and background.]

Queer Collaborations 2018: National Australian Queer Student Conference

Photography/design Tayla Lauren Ralph

Queer Collaborations (QC) is the national Australian queer student conference. This year it will be hosted at UQ in Brisbane from 1st – 7th July 2018!

QC is a platform for queer student leaders to come together and collaborate on advocacy projects and campaigns, share knowledge and resources and devise national policy with the aim to help connect queer students across Australia. Traditionally it is hosted at a different university each year in July over the mid-year holiday break for many universities.

UQ Union (UQU) Queer Department successfully won the bid to host in 2018 and therefore the QC Organising Committee (QCOC) is made up of volunteer members from UQ Union’s Queer Collective (UQUQC) with support from the University of Queensland and the Australian Queer Student Network – the national peak body for queer students across Australia.

The conference is governed by it’s own Standing Orders as well as Safer Spaces Agreement. On average there are 200 student participants and invitations are sent to the wider queer community to attend as observers for specific events during the conference week. This year we are introducing new events to connect people in different ways including a guest plenary presentation, formal seminars, welcome luncheon, Brisbane queer culture and history tour and a national awards night!

For further information regarding the conference, please contact the QC Organising Committee at: qc2018brisbane@gmail.com