Call for Zines: WRC March Skill Share: Zines and DIY Publishing

Hello fellow zinesters! I’m holding a zine workshop in March and we’re looking for folks to donate zines to our growing library. Our attendees would appreciate a variety of zines (perzines, art zines, fan zines etc) for inspiration. Our long-term goal is to collect over 100 unique titles and eventually establish a small archive at Augsburg’s WRC. Send us zines for our library and inspire a new generation of zinesters!

Women’s Resource Center
Augsburg University
c/o: Dr. Adriane Brown
Sverdrup Hall 207
707 21st Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55454


Zine Review: Intimacies Volume 2

Intimacies Volume 2
Dara Idris

Intimacies Volume 2 is a black and white ½ fold zine about Dara’s journey with physical intimacy, sex, and expectations told through a collection of short essays.

Dara starts volume two not with an essay but with a snippet about separating sex and even romance from the need to touch and be touch. While it doesn’t state these things directly, I feel like it does a fantastic job of setting up the fine distinctions that are to come.

Where I felt volume one was more about being unsure and contemplating the meaning of intimacy, I feel volume two is more what intimacy means and continues to mean after firsts are happening and growing relationships are explored. Simply put, there is a lot more kissing and sex in this one, but there are still questions to be answered as well as keenly feeling the difference in oneself after the firsts have happened.

It’s nice to read something that give such gravity towards firsts and ‘small intimacies’. Each essay shares a moment or a conversation about intimacy, touch, and or sex, and yet each is granted the same amount of thoughtfulness and gravity. Each is respected as a moment of change.

The only thing that got a little confusing was the use of ‘you’. I absolutely understand the use of second-person writing – especially to help with the identities of those involved, but the writing feels somehow less intimate with the reader despite the intimate writing because I’m not sure who you is from piece to piece. One might assume that you is one person, but it’s made clear in the first few essays that you is at least two different people.

I fully admit that it’s a nitpick, though. It’s something that my editor brain is picking up on, and I don’t think that it takes away from the writing in a significant way. After all, this zine isn’t so much about who as involved as it is about what’s happening.

Aesthetically, this is a text-heavy zine with very few illustrations. While you certainly won’t breeze right through it, it is possible to pick it up and put it down because of the shortness of the essays.

On a side note: I looked back at my review of Intimacies Volume 1 and realised I’d already mentioned the copyright note on the back. Still, I think “Don’t be a dick is a good rule, isn’t it?” is worth another mention.

I found Intimacies Volume 2 a tasteful and thoughtful collection of essays about intimacy, relationships, and sex. While I do think the volumes should be read in order, I think they can stand on their own if you can only grab one for any reason.

Zine Review: Fully Sick, Chronically Sad

Fully Sick, Chronically Sad
Amber is Blue

Fully Sick, Chronically Sad is a black and white comic zine with a colour cover somewhere between A5 and A6 about mental illness.

I struggled a lot with this zine. Not so much with the zine itself but because I’ve been there – and am there still in many ways.

In various drawings, Amber is Blue takes us through what it’s like having a mental illness and the constant struggles coming from inside and the world around us in dealing with it. Medications can be wonderful, but wonderful meds that work are often not affordable. Therapy helps, but the current system doesn’t exactly help with consistency.

Amber is Blue doesn’t mince words when it comes to dealing with these frustrations and more. There is no mystery when it comes to how Amber is Blue really feels about these things.

As I mentioned, I identify a lot with Amber is Blue and all of the nonsense that comes with these things. I think it’s valuable to share these experiences so people don’t feel alone. While this zine stirred up a lot of feelings in me, one of those feelings was a desire to write more about my own experiences with mental illness.

I do feel I should mention one content warning, though, in that suicidal thoughts and dealing with suicidal thoughts are mentioned.

There weren’t any contact details in the zine itself, but I’ve dug up some links for you if you’d like to check out more of Amber is Blue’s work. Fully Sick, Chronically Sad has a part two and three, which I’m looking forward to checking out.

2018: Year of the Perzine – Part One – The Zine Collector Podcast Episode 003

In this episode of The Zine Collector, I talk about perzines – what they are and why they are important.

I apologise for the wiggling of the table/camera/mic! I’m going to work on making the table I use more stable before the next episode.

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Bits & Bobs & General Admin

Hello and happy Tuesday, zine friends. It’s nearly Wednesday at the time I’m typing this. February is doing an excellent job of flying by.

I’ve been plugging away at various things that have been on my to-do list for ages, and I’m very happy to announce that Dear Anonymous 7 is finally done!

I don’t know what I was thinking by setting the deadline around the move time last year, but that’s all said and done now. The contributor copies are packed up and ready to be popped into the mail tomorrow morning.

On the other bits and bobs, the zine review index is all updated now. I’m considering doing some sort of list of upcoming zine reviews, but I’m not sure if anyone would be interested. Let me know.

On a very positive note:

The Zine Collector podcast is now on Spotify! My podcast host, Pippa, had a meeting with Spotify, and TZC was on the list for consideration. Woo!

Unfortunately, it does make hosting the podcast a bit more expensive, which is what brings me to my next little note.

I have had a patreon for a few months now, and it has been immensely helpful in getting by with Etsy fees and the like.

The thing is that I know I wouldn’t be able to commit to a monthly donation myself with the way things are. I’ve always been one to prefer having the option on hand for one-off donations when and where I can.

It’s with that in mind that I set up a Ko-Fi, which is a quick and easy way to make a one off ‘coffee’ donation.

I feel like I am risking people thinking of less of me for doing this. That some people may hold it against me. But things are also in a way right now and finances are keeping me from doing a lot (like sending out contributor copies on time and restocking supplies like printer ink).

I definitely don’t want anyone to put themselves into strife for it. My only intention is that it’s there if you’re able and feel so inclined.

That’s it for me tonight, zine friends. Please forgive if I’m a bit scattered. I’m looking forward to going to sleep after I post this.

Until next time…

Happy Mail: Mysteries Solved Edition

Hello, wonderful zine friends, and welcome to a new week!

It’s actually nearing the end of the day on Monday as I type this, but the sun is beautiful, I’ve just finished recording the next episode of the podcast, and I’m feeling good about pushing myself to get more done today than I thought I could. Starting off the week doing more than I thought I could is a good place to be.

Of course, what makes everything better at the start of the week? Happy mail!

Sober Booooooooooob. I always immediately smile when I see this handwriting on an envelope because I know who its from. I’m so excited to be catching up on $50 Minimum and her newest zine ‘Decency is a Relative Thing’. Check out Sober Bob’s Instagram to see the super cool foil technique she used for the title of this zine. I want to do the same thing. ^_^

Thank you, Sober Bob for the happy mail!

How cute is this?! It’s an adorable little parcel with a little watercolour sticker address label with little handwriting…

…filled with mini zines!

Samantha Reigl sent me this adorable package of cuteness. What’s even cooler is that the ‘main’ mini-zine is about ZineWriMo 2017, but it references the other zines in the pack! As in one day might have a little blurb and then say, “Check out the blue mini-zine”. I love this idea so much!

Thank you so much, Samantha! I can hardly wait to start reading.

Real Tioga! Remember Real Tioga 7 and how I wasn’t quite sure what was going on but I liked it?

Mystery solved!

The maker of Real Tioga found me on Instagram and said hello! I was absolutely delighted to find out that the news clippings are from a real paper. ^_^ I had no idea the next one was in the mail. What a lovely surprise!

Thank you so much!

That is all for me today, zine friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the wonderful people who take the time and effort to send me mail and make my world bubble a brighter place. I will be back tomorrow with a few bits and bobs type notes about things.

Until then!