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Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous Pack 4

Have you ever wished you could say something to someone but were unable to for whatever reason? Dear Anonymous V1 is a zine of the unspoken, letters written with love, with loathing and other emotions inbetween. The letters come from around the world from people with many different backgrounds. Have a laugh or shed a tear as you read the words people couldn’t say but were able to put to paper.

Dear Anonymous is currently made up of issues 1-6. They are $3 each.

‘Don’t Call Me Cupcake: Introductions – $4


The very first in my perzine series, Don’t Call Me Cupcake: Introductions is all about introductions, why I chose my zine pseudonym ‘Nyx’, a bit about my background, art therapy, and more.

Don’t Call Me Cupcake 2: Fear – $4


This issue of Don’t Call Me Cupcake is dedicated entirely to my fears. However, I have found out that I’m braver than I thought at the time it counted most…

Don’t Call Me Cupcake 3: Spaces & Places – $4


In Don’t Call Me Cupcake 3, I talk about the experiences of going to my very first zine fest, the stresses of very suddenly having a new flatmate, how saying ‘it could have been worse’ is poison, and more.

Don’t Call Me Cupcake: Adjusting – $4


In DCMC: Adjusting, I slowly adjust to Boggin the flatmate, adjust to how my plans never go to plan, adjust to the prospect of moving interstate, and even adjust the font size so I can fit more in…

Don’t Call Me Cupcake 5: So… I’m 30 – $4


So I’m 30! This issue of Don’t Call Me Cupcake is a mixture of moments that made me who I am today and about who I am becoming.

Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6: Spring – $4


Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6 is a bit of a grumpy issue with my shock at all the awful things that have happened in the house, a brush with self-harm, and dealing with Wanderer’s complicated recovery in hospital from an emergency appendectomy.

I also respond to a question from a previous DCMC.

What’s All This Then? – $1


What’s All This Then? is a one-page folded mini-zine all about zines! It’s a great intro to what zines are and what they’re all about.

DAFUQ You Say? – $2


DAFUQ You Say? is a collection of the weird and strange statements I’ve overheard in public and collected over the years.

Hairy – $2


Hairy is a simple illustrated mini-zine about my thoughts when it comes to body hair caused by PCOS.

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Updated 17.2.2016