*Nyx’s Wishlist*


Yay! Wishlist!

So this is definitely not meant to be begging or even asking. It’s a handy dandy place for me to keep all my various finds and an easy place to point to when there is a birthday or holiday someone would like to celebrate with me.

Also, I know when I have spare money, I like to browse wishlists and spread the love. I imagine I might not be the only one out there who does that.


*Fiddler’s Green – Peculiar Parish Magazine
*Cunning Folk
*Pieces 6.5/My Aim is True 5
*Wax & Wane by Hina Luna
*On Alchemy and the Symbolics of Color by Brian Cotnoir
*Xerography Debt 46 and beyond
*Welcome to Nursing HELLo 1


*The Ultimate Doodle Collection for Journals, Planners, and More
*Girls With Slingshots


*Anything Coffee Monsterz Co
*Anything Jenny V Stickers

Updated: 3 Feb 2022

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