Zine Review: A Guide to Self-Care

A Guide to Self-Care
Latibule Art
Latibule Art

A Guide to Self-Care is a full-colour A7-sized mini-zine of self-care activities.

Self-care can come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes it means just doing something. In this little mini-zine, you will find ideas for solitary adventures that can easily be adapted to groups if you’d like.

I like the adaptability of the activities in that way. For the most part, they are as ‘in’ or as ‘out and about’ as you’d like them to be (within the parameters of the activity itself).

This is a lovely little zine for your pocket or wallet to give you ideas on days when thinking of something to do is difficult.


200th Zine Review Celebration Awards: I Read a Zine, And I Liked It

Wonderful, beloved zine friends. I’m so happy to be creating this post.

It’s that time again – a time that probably isn’t familiar to a lot of you. When I reached my 100th review in May 2016, I felt inspired by the Golden Stapler Awards and celebrated by awarding zines with titles like ‘best binding’ and ‘funniest zine’.

(100th Zine Review Celebration Awards: All You Need is Zine Love)

I hit my 200th zine reviewed a few months ago, but with everything that was going on, I wasn’t able to get to things until now. I still wasn’t sure whether I would do this, but I do love sharing my zine enthusiasm and celebrating fun and cool zines.

Things to remember:

1. My apologies for any less than stellar photos.
2. This is only meant to be a bit of fun.
3. Zines often fit into more than one category. How they were sorted is all on me.
4. Keep in mind these are limited to the second lot of 100 zines I’ve reviewed – roughly from May 2016 to July 2017. You can find the whole list: Zine Review Index
5. Picking out the ‘best’ stinks. I love them all!

Let’s do this.

(I’m putting everything after a more tag because there are a lot of images.)

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Zine Review: Rose/Water – No Longer Confused

Rose/Water – No Longer Confused
Hollie F

A couple notes before I get into the swing of things. First, I am not completely sure how the zine creator wants the title to be displayed. This is my best guess. Second, the photo does not due justice to the gorgeous colours of this zine.

Rose/Water is an A7 sized full colour zine about being different and finding your true identity.

Aesthetically, this zine is beautiful. It’s one of those zines that I keep flipping back and forth through repeatedly. It makes me want to get out my watercolours. The line drawings follow the same style as the drawing on the front, the watercolours telling the story alongside the words.

What a lovely story it is, too. In fourteen little pages, Hollie tells a story that so many people exist – about feeling so alone until finding a path beyond blue or pink. Though it is about moving beyond blue or pink, I think it speaks to everyone who has not fit into whatever they were told to fit into.

This is a zine I would always want spare copies of to give away because it’s just so sweet. I’m not sure if/where Hollie sells these, but if you can find a copy, grab it.

#ZineWriMo Day 12 – Make a Double-Sided Mini-Zine

Hello, hello, and happy Sunday. It’s a hot and lazy one here in this little part of Oz. However, it is a happy one, as today’s activity lined up perfectly for me.

This is one of my Little Reminders zines. Unlike the other ones, though, I didn’t feel ‘finished’ when I finished the ink work.

Sneaky note time! I wrote out all the things that I wanted to say and printed it so it could hide on the inside of the zine for anyone who sees the little star to read.

NOW it feels finished. 🙂

Did you make a double-sided mini-zine today? Let me know about it in the comments.

#ZineWriMo Day 9 – Make a Zine For a Cause

Hello, zine friends! I have no idea what’s going on in my brain, but I keep thinking it’s the 8th or the 10th. My brain just doesn’t want to accept the existence of the 9th.

Anyway, it is day nine of ZineWriMo, which means today is ‘Make a Zine for a Cause’!

This can be your local animal shelter or the Breast Cancer Foundation. It doesn’t matter what the cause is or the size of the cause; it’s about getting the word out there.

I got started rather late in the day, but I knew what cause I wanted to make a zine about…

Okay, so it’s a cause slash awareness thing in that there is a bias when you call it ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’, but people listen when you say the scientific name: myalgic encephalomyelitis. So my cause is CFS awareness but also the bias in the name.

Remember back when I said these daily prompts are meant to be fun – not stressful?

That’s why I am not stressing when I say… I didn’t finish the zine. Mini-zines are always more work than I think they are, and I don’t want zines to ever be a stress-causer in my life. (I’m not in love with the cover either, to be honest.) So I am going to call it at that for the day and say that a start is better than not starting.

How’d you go with today? What causes did you champion? Let me know in the comments.

PS. There won’t be any zine reviews this week, but it’s only a two-day blip. Zine reviews will be back and rocking next week.

#ZineWriMo Day 8: Work on a WIP Wednesday

Hello, zine friends! Today is Wednesday, which means it’s the first work on your WIP (work in progress) day for ZineWriMo 2017.

Today I took a little time to organise a bit of outgoing mail (that should have been organised a few weeks ago *cough*), but I spent most of my time working on the mini-zines I mentioned in my goals post. (Near pun not intentional. Hehe)

With the mini-zines Little Reminders 2 and Little Reminders 3, I do all the writing and drawing in pencil first. My writing tends to be a bit angled, so it’s good to make most of the mistakes in pencil before putting ink to it.

The pencil erases without harming the ink, so it’s winning all around.

These are so close to being done! Just a bit of clean up and colour, and they’ll be ready to join Little Reminders 1. I’m thinking of making all three into a pack on Etsy.

So what have you been up to today? Check any goals off the list? Did you get the chance to work on a zine? Let me know in the comments.

#ZineWriMo Day 5: Make a Zine of Things That Inspire You

Hello, hello, hello zine friends. I don’t know about you, but I slept in big time this morning and only realised later this afternoon that today’s task was to make a zine. Nothing like being late to your own party, eh?

Luckily enough I had the day to myself to work on a zine about the things that inspire me.

As per usual, I had no idea what I was going to make besides the idea from the prompt. So I got out most of my stuff.

The front and back covers popped into my mind first.

I don’t usually break out the ruler for zinemaking, but I wanted to be a little more careful than my usual version of whinging it. I liked thinking about the things that inspire me, though everything really falls under two categories for me – colours and people. Haha.

If you’d like to see the finished mini-zine, check out my Instagram for a little video flip-through.

Just to be clear, these prompts are meant to be fun. Not stressful. Not making you pull your hair own wondering how the heck you are going to do them. No one’s world is going to end if you miss a day or if you start making a zine of things that inspire you but don’t finish it today.

The only reason that I am going for doing all of the tasks on all of the days is because I came up with the daily prompts. I feel like it would be a little weird if I didn’t at least get close to getting everything done.

That’s me for today, friends. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Sunday. I’ll be back tomorrow with some happy mail and a much easier ZineWriMo prompt for the day.