Zine Review: A Teenie Weenie Write-y Zine-y

A Teenie Weenie Write-y Zine-y
Jessica Maybury
IG jessica.maybury

Today we have an itty bitty – or rather, teenie weenie – zine of photographs featuring writing and writing spaces.

It could be a bit of narcisissm on my part (I write fiction), but I absolutely love seeing others’ writing processes and spaces. (To the point I actually started a blog where authors showed off and talked about their writing spaces.) I could stare at this collection of tiny black and white photos for ages thinking about the way people write, what they use to write, and the spaces they occupy.

This zine gave me the ‘why I love zines’ feelings with the intro:

“I don’t know why I feel the need to photograph the writing experience but I do.”

Isn’t that lovely? Jessica felt compelled and did – because you can with zines whenever you feel the urge. Beautiful!

This is a very specific topic sort of zine, so I think you’ll know whether you’re interested from the get go. I for one, will be opening its pages again to ponder writing spaces and places…


Zine Review: Botanical Photography

Botanical Photography
Jessica Jane
IG: @jessicajane.illustration

For me, photography is like art and poetry: I don’t know a lot about how it works, but I know what I like and what I don’t like. Everything else gets lost in wondering what the creator intended…

Botanical Photography is a photo zine featuring pictures of flora around Victoria, Australia. There are flowers, trees, sunshine, and lovely little things that make this state beautiful. I may be a bit biased, but if you’re going to take pictures of nature, Victoria is a great place to do it.

While I do really love photo zines, I felt like some of the impact of the photos is lost in the production quality. The pictures were a little washed out sometimes or a little too dark. I found myself thinking more than once that a little higher GSM could go a long way, but…

Therein lies the problem for me: intention.

Were the photos meant to be a little blurry or washed out? Is this meant to be the mark of someone still learning? Or perhaps it’s all due to the paper and ink used in printing. The slightly washed out quality of the last photo adds an ethereal quality to it, so it’s harder to guess than you might think.

If this wasn’t the intention, the suggestion of higher quality paper isn’t necessarily a simple one. With the zine already at $7, I don’t know what better printing would do to the price.

I really liked the touch of the sewn binding. With a zine that’s all about nature, I may have not really thought about staples, but the sewing adds to the ‘closer to nature’ feel in a way that metal staples wouldn’t.

I love photography, and I like to see a beginning (I think) photographer’s work. I think Jessica caught some truly beautiful shots, and I’d like to see more. But I must admit I’d also like to see it printed in a way better suited to photos.

Zine Review: Thought For The Day: The Body Image Issue

Thought For The Day: The Body Image Issue
Chloe Henderson

Thought For The Day: The Body Image Issue is a series of black and white photos featuring short thoughts on beauty and body written on various body parts (save for the last page, which is a drawing).

By their nature, mini zines are often quick reads. While this one is no exception, it’s a quick read that I have enjoyed several times over.

There’s something about this zine that really captured me and had me going back over the pages. Body image can be a sensitive and complicated issue, and this zine approached it with both vulnerability and humour. (Knees are weird.)

I love that the body thoughts are actually written on skin. What may have been a simple decision at the start had made all the images somehow more intimate. The words have more of an impact on me than they would have typed or written out on paper.

I really enjoyed this zine and hope that there are more ‘thought for the day’ zines in this series. Though honestly, a series of more of the same would be most welcome, too.