Zine Review: Ethical Sloth 4 – Happy Horror

Ethical Sloth Zine

Ethical Sloth 4 – Happy Horror
Annika Pepita, Sandra Haselsteiner, Raoul Berlin, Nina Echozina, Lilli Loge, Tony Trouble, Patch Sinclair, Yori Gagarim, Tanja Is, Anna Bas Backer, C.C., Dana Moustache

The red splatter on the cover is actual paint, not printing. I love that! Anything that’s a little extra ‘something’ added after the printing makes a zine that much more fun for me.

With the blood spatter across the cover and ‘Happy Horror’ as a subtitle, I assumed this was a horror zine. As it turns out, it is, but it’s much more than that…

Ethical Sloth 4 is a collection of comics that takes a horror lens on all too real experiences of sexism, fear, and a lot more. I don’t think I’ve read a zine that was an assortment of comics before, and this was a great introduction to it. I enjoyed the wide variety of artistic styles, from more full page types of comics…

Ethical Sloth Comic 1

…to more traditional panel type of comic…

Ethical Sloth Comic 2

As you may have noticed, the second comic is in German (I believe), so I wasn’t able to understand some of it. But therein lies the beauty of images; I was able to get the gist of some parts.

“Piece of Meat” was my favourite of all of them, as it got me thinking and spun my expectations in just a few pages without very many words involved. I have to admire the ability to do that.

If you like comics, supporting the queer community, and zines addressing subjects like sexism, misogyny, etc, then take a look at Ethical Sloth.

3 Replies to “Zine Review: Ethical Sloth 4 – Happy Horror”

  1. So Cupcake . . . you like that paint splatter . . . a little extra something . . . you like that huh? Well, the cover of Wiseblood #66 is drawn and its got a picture of a cat sticking me with a switchblade. I was just gonna color in some blood where that fucker stuck me . . . but since you like that little extra something . . . I’m gonna slice myself and put my own blood on the cover! Just for you!


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