Zine Review: A Teenie Weenie Write-y Zine-y

A Teenie Weenie Write-y Zine-y
Jessica Maybury
IG jessica.maybury

Today we have an itty bitty – or rather, teenie weenie – zine of photographs featuring writing and writing spaces.

It could be a bit of narcisissm on my part (I write fiction), but I absolutely love seeing others’ writing processes and spaces. (To the point I actually started a blog where authors showed off and talked about their writing spaces.) I could stare at this collection of tiny black and white photos for ages thinking about the way people write, what they use to write, and the spaces they occupy.

This zine gave me the ‘why I love zines’ feelings with the intro:

“I don’t know why I feel the need to photograph the writing experience but I do.”

Isn’t that lovely? Jessica felt compelled and did – because you can with zines whenever you feel the urge. Beautiful!

This is a very specific topic sort of zine, so I think you’ll know whether you’re interested from the get go. I for one, will be opening its pages again to ponder writing spaces and places…


What’s Happening? Starting to Breathe

You know what’s amazing? Not hearing the train sounding off at four train crossings at two in the morning. It’s so lovely to not be constantly barraged by endless noise from cars, trams, sober people, drunk people, people harassing my dogs… It’s so quiet in comparison.

You could say that I’m finally starting to relax. Hehe.

And so is Asimov. 🙂

Local humour.

The internet saga rages on, but we have a slight reprieve thanks to a data USB thing. We’re supposed to get a proper connection to the house this week, but I’m not holding my breath, given our luck so far.

That means emails are still tricky. I get emails in just fine, but I have to log onto the actual email host to be able to reply, so there are delays in that regard.

The new Sea Green Zines headquarters!

I’m delaying the launch of Paper Currency, DCMC 8, and the creation of Dear Anonymous VII for just a little while longer. Better to do it late and properly, yes?

So until next time…

Be well, zine friends!

Happy Mail Monday – New Post Box Edition

Hello, wonderful zine friends! I hope the start to your week is or will be as peaceful as mine was (despite the early wake up from the dogs). Internet issues rage on, and it’s always so frustrating to see things not happen simply for lack of money, but this is life. I can get online, and I have wonderful mail to share.

Happiness abounds. 🙂

Postcards! These two lovelies were sent via SendSomething. (I highly recommend checking it out. It’s not exciting for the eyes, but it’s like a catalogue of thousands of people to send mail to!) The black and white one is actually a postcard for colouring (woo!), and the other simply arrived with quotes from Broadway musicals. Mysterious and fun.

If the people from Send Something happen to check out this blog, thank you for the fun postcards.

Zippity Zinedra is well and truly in the running for colourful mail art. Check out all those stickers! And the tape is fabulous. Xyendra sent the very last bit of mail to squeeze in at 786 before the mail redirection went through, and what a lovely whopper of a stuffed envelope!

The envie was like a zinester care package. A sticker, magnets (I don’t think I’ve seen zine-related magnets before), a Toronto Zine Library pin (my collection grows!), two zines I had to keep telling myself that I would read after the unpacking (hehe)… There was also this fun little pack of bandages…

Aren’t they utterly adorable? I’m so in love! They are so, so, so cute, and even the wrapper is cute as well!

What a lovely package of zine goodness that continues to make me smile whenever I think about it. Thank you so much, Xyendra!

True Zine Marin has sent me a wonderful little pack of mini-zines, stickers and other goodness. Looking at the picture, I’m just realising how much of the envelope I covered up. Sorry about that! I love the envelopes TZM sends things in. The Stolen Sharpie Revolution sticker has a special place in my heart, and I wish I had 100 of them to send all over the place. That little book is so good! I highly recommend it.

Tangent over, True Zine Marin has been kind enough to send me some duplicates from their zine collection, and I appreciate that so much. Thank you for the lovely ray of mail sunshine!

Bloomurder sent me a copy of her Twin Peaks fanzine! Oh my gosh. What an awesome housewarming present. (Yep, that’s what I’m calling it. Hehehe.) I was so disappointed to have missed the launch (they had doughnuts ❤ ) at Sticky. I even asked about the printer for the zine because it looked gorgeous. Lo and behold, I have one to admire in my very own hands! I have special plans for it to…

Thank you so much, Bloomurder!

Sober Bob snuck in with a wonderful gift in my new post box – the next up (I am assuming – not 100% on order) in the Terrible Comics. Hehe. (You may recall my review of Cashed Up Bogans.) This title makes me laugh out loud because of the ‘yeah, but no’, ‘no, but yeah’, etc Australian language quirk.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? That’s okay. Just know the grins are large, and the sarcasm runs rampant. Many thanks to Sober Bob for generously sending me more Terrible Comics.

PS. Sober Bob has a sale on pins right now if you want to check them out


What a beautiful mail week. Thank you again to everyone who has sent me mail – especially in recent times. This move has been much more soul-eating for a number of reasons that I have yet to digest, and I spent more than a few sessions simply sitting in my chair and going through the lovely things people have sent. I’m not sure what image I cast here, but I do have my very dark moments, and the generosity and kindness of people has helped me through a lot.

Here’s wishing you all the absolute best for the day and the week ahead. Until next time…

Zine Review: Doris 26

Doris 26
Cindy Crabb

Doris 26 is a black and white (save for the cover) perzine that is, well, hard to describe. It’s about life, hope, society, and living. More specifically, it’s about the state of people and their desire for meaning, social ecology, the stories we tell ourselves and more.

I’ve been a fan of the Doris series since I first started reading them – thanks to a number of recommendations on a WMZ thread. Right from the unrelated snippets on the first page, I am sucked into the life of this person whose use of language and way of doing things is so different from mine.

I quite enjoy the aesthetics of this zine. I feel like I’m reading someone’s diary or looking through a junk journal (if you’re not familiar with the term ‘junk’ is not an insult). There’s a fun and seemingly unplanned mix of typing and handwriting, cut and paste and drawn comics.

Reading Doris zines is like a reminder to myself that I am too uptight. While that may sound bad, I look at it as Cindy’s writing style relaxing my mind while simultaneously giving me interesting concepts to think about. There are so many times as I am reading when I note down something I want to look into further or think, “That’s exactly how I feel!” (Page 1: “I’ve been trying to figure out how to get over the lifelong problem I’ve had where I think I don’t know anything about anything…” – This!)

Admittedly, I didn’t understand everything. Cindy’s life experiences are so different from mine, but that’s probably why I found everything so fascinating. Some of the social ecology stuff did go over (way over) my head, but what I did understand was very interesting to me. Also, what I did understand has inspired me to keep learning to I can understand the other stuff.

The seeming randomness of this zine is beautiful to me. It speaks to sharing for the sake of sharing and nothing else.

I think that anyone who has an interest in zines should read at least one Doris zine. I think 26 is a great place to start with plenty of it being about people and currency society.

Zine Review: Birder Beginnings: Introduction to Bird Watching

Birder Beginnings: Introduction to Bird Watching
Sarah E. Hoffman

Birder Beginnings is a black and white comprehensive beginner’s guide to bird watching and birding, and boy am I ever a beginner.

The chaos of the house move delayed my reading this zine, but I’m almost grateful for it (save for the annoyance of the delay for Sarah). Since moving to a much quieter place, I’ve been hearing so many more bird calls and have a greater appreciation for this zine.

Birder Beginnings takes you by the hand and leads you into the world of birding. Sarah’s writing is informative without waffling, telling you things you don’t need to know, or distracting from the subject. The cut and paste style fits in very well with the guidebook style of the zine.

I was impressed by the amount of information that was packed inside. There are so many elements of birding – and bird watching; I now know there is a difference – that I simply wouldn’t have been able to even guess before. Sarah writes about how binoculars work, developing and advancing your skills, birding event etiquette, and plenty more. There are even events and various types of documenting the birds you’ve spotted.

There’s even a list for further reading, and you know how much I love lists for where to get more info.

While this may seem overwhelming, Sarah makes it clear at the beginning that all you require to start is the ability to enjoy nature.

The part I appreciated most was the ‘birds in your backyard’ section. The specific of breeds and seeds may not all be applicable in Australia, but the ideas and tips are. Even better, I felt like they were things I could implement fairly easily. I feel inspired and am looking forward to making the space I have bird-friendly.

As I mentioned, I am a complete beginner to all of this, but I feel like this zine has all the information anyone needs to get going for anything from casual bird watching to more involved birding.