Happy Mail – The Brazil Edition!

Happy mail! After sending out a huge stack of mail this morning, this was such a lovely surprise – and all the way from Brazil!


Henry and I have chatted a bit about zines, and he asked if he could send along a couple of his zines. (Yes, please!) It took three weeks on the dot, but they have arrived here safe and sound!

The really fun thing about these comic zines is that they are in Portuguese, and I have no idea how to read Portuguese. I think it’s a great and fun way to find out just how much can be translated through images alone. (Of course, in the letter, Henry was happy to offer his help in translation if I need it.)

I’m so happy! This has really shone some sunshine on my day and put a spring in my step.

I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful start to the week. If not, I hope it gets better in a hurry!

Do You Like Zines? Do You Like Writing About Them?


Ziiiiiiines. To know them is to love them. (At least, I think so.) If you love zines, then I have an opportunity for you.

Zine Nation is a site dedicated to ziiiiines. They post up an assortment of reviews most months as well as conduct interviews with various people in the zine community (even with me!).

Zine Nation is currently looking for an editor to take over the blog and smm for a few months. Does this sound like you? Well then get in contact!

They are @zinenation on Twitter and Zine Nation on Facebook.

Call for Calls for Submissions: Spread the Word About Your Zine/Distro/Library!

Zine Calls for Submissions

Share your call for submissions, let people know about your distro or zine library, announce your newest zine, let people know you are crowdfunding a zine project… If you have an announcement to make that has to do with zines, do it here! Sea Green Zines wants to be your megaphone. Even better? It’s an automatic shout out on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr when you advertise here.

Big fuzzy love hearts to those who have a .jpg call for subs, but all are welcome. Get in touch by emailing theauthor[at]inkyblots.com or comment below.

Call for Submissions: Cat & Dog Zine

Looking for:
*stories (up to 500 words)
*poems (page in length)
*love letters

Topics may include:
-how they came to be in your life
-their therapeutic presence
– how they help ease your anxiety, depression and provide comfort
-the special bond you share
-their unconditional love
-the playful/weird/cute things they do
-if they are a service dog/cat
-if they have a physical disability, mental illness and/or health issues
-do you refer to them as your: pet, baby/child/family, companion, friend/best friend, room mate, healer, etc.
-if you have more than one cat or dog
-anything else you wish to share about them

Contributors will receive a free issue of the zine upon completion.
If interested, email Xyendrarocks44@hotmail.com

Call for Submissions: True Trans Bike Rebel (Taking the Lane #15)

Taking the Lane #15 is called True Trans Bike Rebel, and we are looking for nonfiction writing about the experience of being transgender and bicycling. Submissions can be essays or reporting about bicycling, or other topics or stories in which bicycles play a part (or other human-powered transportation).

Submissions can be any length; word count between 500 and 2500 words is ideal for this format. Single-color illustrations and photos are also sought. Please submit your work as an attachment or link in an email to elly at taking the lane dot com. The deadline is July 1, 2017.

All contributors will be paid a share of the net profits from the Kickstarter project used to fund the zine.

Taking the Lane is a feminist bicycle zine published since 2010.