Happy Mail: The Little Things Edition

Hello, zine friends, and welcome to the start of the week. I hope your week is off to a smooth start and that the silly season isn’t wearing on your nerves.

The Great Mail Slowdown at this time of year hasn’t actually been too bad – knock on wood – and I have some gorgeous goodies from my post box to share with you today.

The very first up is some zine goodness from sunny Queensland. Keira (ala Small Potatoes) was kind enough to take a peek at my wishlist and grant a couple of my wishes. Seriously, the generosity of people never ceases to warm my heart.

Just to make a special point, let’s zoom in on that card, shall we?

OMGSOCUTEASDFKJWIOsalkdjf… Ahem. Cuteness meltdown. I laughed so hard when I saw this card that Wanderer actually came into my office to see what was happening. Then I showed him the card, and he laughed, too. It is hard to make him genuinely laugh out loud, so thank you, thank you, thank you, Keira. This card is staying on the desk.

My first Christmas card! Emma of Puddleside Musings makes the prettiest cards, and it’s always a pleasure to see something from her arrive in the post box. I adore the watercolour look of the blue paper. Sneaky pressies are always a joy, too…

A new, delicious smelling tea to try and washi tape. What a lovely holiday surprise. Thank you so much, Emma!

Talk about surprise mail! Last week, I heard from someone I hadn’t heard from in ages, and this week a postcard from Dystatic comes in the mail! Fantastic. I haven’t heard from Dystatic in ages.

The photo doesn’t really do the postcard justice, as it’s handmade (as is Dystatic’s way) and is in layers. I’m so curious about how she made it. Fun, fun. Thank you so much to Dystatic for saying hello!

Surprise zines are some of the best kind of surprises, yes? Amber sent the first issue of Fully Sick, Chronically Sad as well as a mindfulness mini-zine! There’s even a sticker, which is the same sticker used to close the envelope.

I love zine surprises, and by first blush sneaky peeks, they’re both zines that I am going to enjoy. Thank you so much Amber, for the surprise happy mail.

PS. I was just looking around – as I do – and found out that Amber is the creator of Murder, She Zined(!) which launched just recently! Check it out.

This one has a little story, so settle in for a smidge. My friend Bodie (ala Slowquest) was doing a Twitch stream and mentioned Adelaide zinester George Rex because I’m now in South Australia. Well, I looked at George’s instagram and saw the note about George closing their store for a month or so.

Seeing as I missed out on George’s Kickstarter earlier in the year, I decided to get in while I could and grabbed a couple zines. I am excited about all of it, but I especially love ADL -> MEL because Rebecca Sheedy made one too that I reviewed earlier this year!

So much goodness. So many extra. So much happy. Hahaha. Love it.

Even the envelope is super cute. ^_^

I need return address labels that are that cute in my life. Love, love, love.

Thank you to George Rex for sending out everything so quickly. I really adore every bit of it.

That’s it for me today, friends. I hope you loved checking out what came through my post box this week and the glorious link-laden thing that is this post.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a quick run down of what I have planned for the blog over the holidays and then on Wednesday for a bit of a surprise…

Until then.


Zine Review: ‘Poly/Not Poly: Adventures in Relationship Structure Ambivalence’

Poly/Not Poly: Adventures in Relationship Structure Ambivalence

Poly/Not Poly is an A6 sized black and white perzine about polyamory and, well, not polyamory.

With an introduction of a single sentence, Kristy gets right into the subject matter on page one with how they discovered polyamory existed. From there Kristy explores polyamory and how somewhat indirectly participating can be confusing to people.

Even though feelings of anxiety and doubts are involved, I really enjoyed reading Kristy’s perspective. I’ve known people and come across the ‘I have multiple partners and so does my partner’ point of view, but Kristy writes about what it’s like to have one partner but is okay with that partner having someone else as well.

(I feel like I’m being less than ideally clear, so more points to Kristy for a clear, engaging zine.)

Poly/Not Poly is not all sunshine and roses, however, with Kristy getting into some of the anxieties that can come with a partner who is polyamorous. Kristy admits to being ‘mostly okay’ with their partner having partners but that this can aggravate anxiety at times. I really admired Kristy’s ability to separate their own anxieties from their partners actions. As in Kristy sees the anxieties coming from within rather than being the fault of the partner. It’s a complicated but important thing to learn.

Not only that, there is dealing with the people who think that if things aren’t ‘equally’ polyamorous on both sides, then something is wrong.

Kristy’s writing is candid, open, and, at times, quite funny. I chuckled at this:

“Interestingly, my girlfriend is also very into soccer, but no one seems to have the same worries that I am compromising my identity by being up for going to watch a match with her.”

Poly/Not Poly is not what I expected, but it is a zine I am very glad to have read and to now have in my collection.

PS. This zine made me remember a webcomic I adore (Girls With Slingshots). It has since ended, but Jamie explores a lot of different kinds of relationships.

Zine Review: Rose/Water – No Longer Confused

Rose/Water – No Longer Confused
Hollie F

A couple notes before I get into the swing of things. First, I am not completely sure how the zine creator wants the title to be displayed. This is my best guess. Second, the photo does not due justice to the gorgeous colours of this zine.

Rose/Water is an A7 sized full colour zine about being different and finding your true identity.

Aesthetically, this zine is beautiful. It’s one of those zines that I keep flipping back and forth through repeatedly. It makes me want to get out my watercolours. The line drawings follow the same style as the drawing on the front, the watercolours telling the story alongside the words.

What a lovely story it is, too. In fourteen little pages, Hollie tells a story that so many people exist – about feeling so alone until finding a path beyond blue or pink. Though it is about moving beyond blue or pink, I think it speaks to everyone who has not fit into whatever they were told to fit into.

This is a zine I would always want spare copies of to give away because it’s just so sweet. I’m not sure if/where Hollie sells these, but if you can find a copy, grab it.

Important Notice Re: WeMakeZines.com

There’s been a hiccup over a WeMakeZines.com. Please read if you were/are a member there.

Hey Zinesters, I messed up … Bad. We had a spammer bulk message most everybody. I went to delete those messages in the database (the only way) because I didn’t want anyone, lame as the messages were, to fall for the scam. Despite selecting only the scammers messages it deleted all the messages. This didn’t seem like a problem because the server makes daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

So I imported what should have been yesterday’s database and was going to merge the messages into the current database. Only the import overwrote the current database and apparently the server hadn’t made a daily backup since March. While I make multiple backups they all rely on the initial ones the server makes being correct. So EVERYTHING that was is gone.

I’m pretty destroyed. I’ve worked hard on this site for months. I was really proud of what it had become. If you had signed up before you will need to sign up again (unless you were part of the beta testers). I’m so, so sorry. I’m rather distraught over this. It’s ultimately my fault for not making sure the backups were good. I apologize to you all and ask for another chance, this will not happen again.


Happy Mail Monday: Happy Post Box Edition


Happy maaaaaaail! Yeah, zine friends, it’s happy mail time. Can you feel the mail love radiating from someone in South Australia general direction? That’s me, because happiness is a post box full o’ goodies.

Small Potatoes 2! I reviewed Small Potatoes 1 not long back and was so happy to see the next one in my post box. I’m so excited. I get to see (and read!) a new zine series grow and change as it’s happening. For someone who is often late to the party, this is a very happy thing for me.

Thank you so much to Keira, who writes Small Potatoes.

Ooo, Etsy order time. Can you tell I’m still flirting with learning more about witchcraft? I have no idea what to expect with this one, but I’m looking forward to finding out. Check out Haus of Tarot if you’re interested.

Technically this is a guess because there wasn’t a note or anything inside, but I do believe this is my Freedom APA zine pack. Woo! An APA is a topic for another post, but I joined in the Freedom APA to see what it was like, and this is my first mailing. It’s fun to have a mysterious envelope full of zines just show up in your post box.

For anyone wondering, yes, I still hope to put together an APA. 🙂

Snail mail from Billy – and typed on a typewriter! (I so want a typewriter in my life. ❤ ) I'm not the best penpal in the world in regards to response times, but I do still enjoy a letter in the mail. He also included a zine as well – and zines make everything better.

Except soup, I suppose.

Billy has a new project called Snail Mail Adventures in which you pick the genre, and he will send you a story. If you want to know more, click on the link.

It’s fun to hear from someone I haven’t heard from in a long time (or what feels like a long time), so it was lovely to see a mini-zine and letter from Anna Gecko who also had an interstate move to deal with.

Thank you so much for getting back in touch.

That’s me for today (I think). There’s a lot running at the moment, so stay tuned for some important stuff, some fun stuff… All kinds of stuff!

Until then…