Done, Doing, Dreaming


Scrambling, scrambling before another small road trip. Sigh. I just want to be in my forever home…


*My quest to be more organised has been greatly helped along with the arrival of my Sea Green Zines notebook+. Yay for organising!
*I’ve mailed out zines to all the giveaway winners so far. A couple people still have yet to email me – don’t miss out!


Audio Zines

*This ^ has been my view for… I don’t know how many hours as I edit the audio for Don’t Call Me Cupcake 1. Things have been crazy with house stuff, so I’ve only been able to work on it here and there.
*I am working on that mini-zine… They’re more labour-intensive than you think.
*Dear Anonymous 5 is still in the works, so feel free to send those letters.
*I’m working on a special issue of Don’t Call Me Cupcake for #5…


*My birthday is next month, and I’m trying to dream up something fun to do…
*I’ve been dreaming big about a badge making machine, and I think I’ve picked out the machine that I’d like to get. Now to save up.
*I’m still far away from actually podcasting, but I am scripting out ideas and such.
*I am looking forward to putting out a few new calls for submissions for zine ideas I have swirling around in my head…

Happy International Zine Month – Days 22, 23, 24

And away we go!

Day 22: Send your zine to a zine library

I think I’m out of sync with the universe. I’m either ahead or running behind…

Zine Library Invite

About a week ago, I was approached via Etsy about donating one of my zines to a new zine library. They happened to have great timing, as I had both a zine to send and a stamp to spare to get it to them. So while I didn’t take a picture (*cough*slacker*cough*) of it, I’ve already sent one off!

However, if you are a zine librarian looking to expand your collection, let me know! I’d love to give you a shout out here.

PS. I realised today that when I previously mentioned zine libraries, I made the assumption that you know what I’m talking about. It is pretty self-explanatory, but just in case, zine libraries are large (usually) collections of zines that aren’t collected elsewhere. Unlike a distro, zine libraries don’t sell zines.

Day 23: Make a one page zine.

Rain delay.😛 Postponed for the moment because I still haven’t learned my lesson and actually looked ahead. Oopsie.

Day 24: Teach yourself a new zine skill

Unless you’re new here (hello!), you know how much I love to blather on about pretty much anything and everything zine related. So you can take that little step further and imagine how much I hate to say that, well, this task has me stumped.

New zine skill.

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t mean to imply that I am some utterly awesome zine master who knows all of the things about all of the things (because I very much do not). Still, I’m really not sure what to do here.

So I put it into your hands, dear readers. Is there anything you would like to see? Anything I can explain or take a picture of or something?


Call for Submissions: Off Duty: An Overwatch Fanzine

Off Duty - Overwatch Fanzine

Off Duty is an Overwatch fanzine exploring the hobbies and pastimes of the Overwatch crew in their free time. Does Tracer use her blink abilities to snap the coolest mid-flight pictures ever? Does Soldier 76 put down the mask to pick up a watering can and a gardening spade? What shenanigans does everyone get up to when they’re given some time to rest and relax? Come find out!

If you’re an artist interested in participating, please fill out this form by July 20th! Depending on the response, we’ll either have one artist per character or two artists per character; please do get your submissions in and we’ll let everyone know the plan as it develops!

We are going to have digital copies up for sale for sure, and depending on interest and pre-order numbers, we can possibly do a print run! Pre-orders will start sometime in early September. Prices, what’s happening with printing and other relevant things will be coming soon, so keep checking back for more information, and if you have any questions, please do shoot us an ask here or email us at!

Ruby Zine Call for Submissions: The Female Experience

the first edition of ruby zine is looking for submissions with the theme “the female experience,” which can be interpreted however you wish. feel free to submit poetry, reviews, prose, essays, short stories, drawings/doodles, photography, diary entries, etc. basically anything you want that you think will fit. the zine will be published on issuu most likely, and i may be looking into other ways of publishing the zine (for free). when the zine is complete, i will send everyone involved a link to the finished publication. PS if anyone is interested in making cover art or submitting art for the cover that would be great!

i am unable to pay for submissions as i’m a broke student ((but getting published is great for a resume)) :~)

the deadline for submissions is august 10th 2016. i will definitely get back to you before this date if you submit; this is just the absolute last day for submissions! you can submit at & feel free to ask any questions you may have.

please include with your submission what name you’d like to go by, the title of your work (if there is one) and how you can be contacted/found on social media (optional)

**this is inclusive to trans women/transfeminine/femme presenting and nonbinary people as well…basically anyone who has something to share is more than welcome; the more perspectives the merrier!

Zine Review: A Good Place to Start #1: Music From Around the World

A Good Place to Start 1

A Good Place to Start #1: Music From Around the World
Put Together By: Billy

Full Disclosure: I wrote a piece for this zine.

A Good Place to Start #1 is a prime example of an ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ zine idea that I love so much I couldn’t possibly get jealous of Billy thinking of it before I did.😉

This lovely zine is also a great example of how zines can introduce people to things they never may have encountered without them. AGPTS #1 is the music edition of what I’m hoping will be a zine series that will go on for a long time. It includes music recommendations from:


(Even though I was born in the US and don’t consider myself knowledgeable about music, Billy was more than happy for me to be the ‘Australia’ component for this zine.)

I absolutely adore the scavenger hunt-esque feel to this zine. There is enough written here that I can read the zine and enjoy it as a zine. But there is another whole step to it in that I can participate in if I so choose. I can go hunting on YouTube and find myself a new world of music that I would have never known about otherwise. Even better, Billy didn’t limit contributors to ‘punk’ or ‘classical’ or any specific genre. It’s all about the love, and that makes it even better.

(Yep, I’ve already told Billy that I need to be a part of the food issue. Haha.)

I know that a beautiful thing about zines and zine culture is the paper, cut and paste soul of it all. Still, I don’t think the internet has ‘ruined’ zines. I think zines that can embrace the internet in some way while still offering something to those who’d rather not participate in the online side of things are doing all the right things to welcome as wide an audience as possible.

I think this is an utterly fantastic idea for a zine series, and I hope I get to participate in future issues. This is the kind of zine series where I can really see needing to have each and every one as part of my collection.

Definitely get in touch with Billy if you’d like to participate – especially if your country hasn’t been represented. I’m not sure if he’s still working on it, but the next issue – Classic Movies from Around the World – might still be open for submissions!