Zine Review: Six of Swords

Six of Swords
Wesley Sueker
22 pages

Six of Swords is an 11cm x 19cm black and white zine mixture of perzine and info zine exploring the Six of Swords in the tarot and its related symbolism.

Six of Swords opens with a quote from The Haunting of Hill House before we are introduced in perzine fashion to the melancholic nature of sixes in the tarot. Usually I would wait to write about Wesley’s writing style, but this was a magnificent blend of personal story launching into the main topic.

This blend of information with perzine qualities continues as Wesley writes about the nature of the card influencing the creation process with the zine itself, sixes not only in the tarot but in numerology, a breakdown of the symbolism of the cover art, and more.

The aesthetic of this zine is so lovely on so many levels. From the ‘easter egg’ of the zine having twenty-two pages (Wesley of Twenty Two Zines), to the zine itself being shaped like a tarot card. Inside, the zine features Six of Swords cards from various decks, and it’s interesting to see the different visual interpretations.

I learned even more than I was expecting in Six of Swords, which was a lovely surprise considering that I was expecting to learn a lot. Wesley has been incredibly thorough. I was also excited to see Knight of Cups, Judgement, and Death zines continuing on this series in Wesley’s Etsy shop. If I may be so bold – Queen of Pentacles next perhaps? Haha.

Six of Swords is everything I was hoping it would be and more. This whole series is going onto my wish list for sure. If you have any interest in tarot (especially with a perzine flair), check out this zine.

Call for Submissions: The World Beyond

Calling all transmasculine creators: we’re looking for contributors for a sci-fi zine made by us, for us, and about us!

The World Beyond our Station is a for-charity science fiction anthology for all transmasculine artists and writers, looking for work about what being transmasculine means to you with a sci-fi flair. Maybe you’ve always felt at home within tales about alien planets, maybe you’re looking to explore transhumanism in an extra trans way. Whatever your idea is, the sky is the limit here and we’re looking for your work.

We are looking for applicants who identify anywhere under the umbrella term of “transmasculine.” That can include anything from binary trans men to transmasculine lesbians and multigendered individuals, as long as you identify comfortably with the label and view your experience through a transmasculine lens.

We are interested in:
>Spot illustrations
>Photos of 3-dimensional works
>…and more! If you’ve got a unique idea you’d love to see fit into a zine context, reach out and we’ll see if we can make it work!

Applications for the zine are open until January 31st. We have two separate applications available.

1. The main zine will have a juried application process, and is open to all contributors 16+. Those selected in this application round will have their work included in our printed physical zine, and anyone who is not accepted can choose to contribute to the PDF-only side zine. Applications for the main zine are available here:https://forms.gle/CHfdbGhk9dJwAjFW8

2. We’re making a PDF-only side zine to capture extra voices from the community that can’t fit into a limited physical format. The PDF-only zine is open to all applicants 14+, and any completed submissions will be included in the PDF, provided the content is appropriate for inclusion. If you’re a younger creator or just not interested in the juried process, you can sign up for the side zine at https://forms.gle/8XJy9X9pZCdXzrnr6

If you have any questions or would like to keep an eye on the zine’s progress, there’s a few ways you can reach us!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorldBeyondZineTumblr:https://worldbeyondzine.tumblr.com/Email:worldbeyond.zine@gmail.com

The deadline to apply for The World Beyond is January 31st 2022.

We look forward to seeing your work!

[Image description: A call for contributors for a zine. Image is a blue alien with antennae in front of a blue background. Text reads: Seeking contributors for a transmasc scifi zine. Applications for writers and artists now open. Applications close: 31st January 2022. Two links are included: https://twitter.com/WorldBeyondZine and https://worldbeyondzine.tumblr.com.]

Long Arm Stapler Podcast is Looking for Guests!

Long Arm Stapler: A Podcast About Zines is coming back for season three!

Would you like to be a guest on a podcast all about zine goodness? Then check out the interest form for potential guests!

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Call for Submissions: Zine of the Hill 3

Description from https://tinyurl.com/zineofthehill3

Howdy! Thanks for your interest in submitting something to Zine of the Hill 3. For this issue, I am curating an all-queer “cast” of contributors. Like the second issue of Zine of the Hill, I would like to focus on how the show makes you feel, but this time with more queer subtext. Anyone who loves King of the Hill and falls somewhere under the LGBTQQIP2SAA umbrella may contribute. I am looking for both written pieces and visual art (but at this time, mostly written pieces! Creative non-fiction! Fiction! Poetry! Etc.!) Please keep things “PG-13.”

All accepted contributors will receive two copies of the zine. Unfortunately, at this time I cannot pay for submissions. After the zine is completed, I will be reaching out to get accepted contributors’ addresses to send copies of the zine. If you’d prefer a digital copy, please let me know at that time.

The deadline for this call for submissions is 1/23/22.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out – longarmstapler (@) gmail . com

Thanks, y’all!

xoxo Maira

Zine Review: Five O’Clock in Tokyo 1

Five O’Clock in Tokyo 1
12 pages
Back cover by https://www.instagram.com/ogatatetsuo/

Five O’Clock in Tokyo 1 is an A5 size black and white, handwritten text perzine about the cycles of life.

Five O’Clock in Tokyo 1 opens with a note from Craig about wanting to make a zine like this for a long time – a zine about current life. From there we read a definition of season, the theme of the four part story to follow.

Craig writes about the parallels between the inevitable cycles of the seasons and the cycles in life. He writes about life experiences and coming back to them later with new perspective. Fatherhood plays a strong part in these contemplations – both Craig’s father and father-in-law as well as being a father.

We also get a bonus zine review and an introduction to two places where Craig likes to buy books.

An A5 zine with big, clear handwriting and contemplating life? Talk about a zine I’m totally into. Craig’s writing style is contemplative with a flow that keeps things moving forward – utterly appropriate with the themes being written about.

I enjoyed this zine a lot. I felt like it was the tip of an iceberg in Craig’s perzine writing. I look forward to the next one.

Zine Review: Snow World Acts 1 & 2

Snow World Acts 1 & 2
Micah Liesenfeld
40 pages each

Snow World Acts 1 & 2 are about 5.5cm x 5.5cm black and white comics about exploring a new world… and then efforts to escape.

Comics featuring snow worlds are definitely welcome as I’m sitting here trying to beat the heat of the day with the fan blowing on my face.

Snow World Act 1 opens wordlessly with our space explorer moving along through the vastness of space to find the snow world. From there we follow the explorer as they wander the world and are pulled into a whole different world. This is where Act 2 starts, and the explorer discovers they are not alone, but togetherness might not quite be what they are looking for.

Holding these tiny comics, I am definitely getting some serious Mini Zine March vibes. They are small! Not only that; each page features four comic panels. That being said, I would have expected a bit less detail for some of the panels. Some are very simple panels, but others still have a lot going on. Micah doesn’t let the size deter them whatsoever in telling the story they want to tell.

Speaking of the story, it’s fairly easy to interpret, but I did find myself taking a few different possibilities from it. (Not so much the ending but building up to the climax.) This isn’t a bad thing, though. I’m a writer and enjoyed the whole imagining process.

I think these zines are cute, and I tip my had to Micah for not only putting so much onto each tiny page but also to telling a story without a single word. They made for quick reading (viewing?) but enjoyable nonetheless. I hope there are more to enjoy.

Happy Mail Monday – Sloth Edition

Welcome back to Happy Mail Monday. This week we are keeping it comfy and embracing the inner sloth. We have awesome, sweet, and fun mail from Australia, Canada, the US, and Ireland!

Thank you so much for watching.

Awesome People/Places/Spaces Mentioned:

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*Izalixe on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/izalixe

*True Zine Marin – n/a
**Isolation Resurrect #1 Review – https://seagreenzines.com/2020/12/04/zine-review-isolation-resurrect/

*Emma – https://puddlesidemusings.wordpress.com


*Graveyard Keeper – https://store.steampowered.com/app/599140/Graveyard_Keeper/
*Boyfriend Dungeon – https://store.steampowered.com/app/674930/Boyfriend_Dungeon/
*Dorfromantik – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1455840/Dorfromantik/
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