Zine Review: Adventures Close to Home

Adventures Close to Home
Rebecca Sheedy

Adventures Close to Home is a perfectly square and adorable full-colour comic zine about fun things you can do without travelling too far.

This 8 page (front and back, not including covers) zine is as cute as the cover implies. In Rebecca’s usual detailed but not busy style, they feature eight different fun, close-to-home adventures. Each adventure gets its own page full of colourful drawings that give tips for a great time and reasons why each adventure is cool.

I like how Rebecca mixes adventures that most people can enjoy like going to the local library as well as more location-specific adventures as well. Why? Well, because they’re now also within travelling distance for me, too. Haha. But while Rebecca may list something specific to South Australia, you can make it more general again (like ‘go to a tourist attraction’ rather than the one listed if it’s too far away from you) to help it suit you.

I really adore Rebecca’s work and love checking out all the little details included on every page. I want all of Rebecca’s work.

Check this one out.

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