International Zine Month Day 1 – CanaZine Day

Happy International Zine Month, zine friends!

And so we begin. Today marks the start of celebrating and spreading the zine love and enthusiasm. Of course, I’m right here, ready and excited to get the ball rolling.

Today we buy, read, and/or share zines from Canada for Canada Day. Happy Canada Day to Canadian zine friends!

When I saw today’s prompt, one zinemaker immediately popped into my mind: Crash Reynolds.

Crash is a zinemaker, sticker maker, artist, and also the creator of the calendar that hangs on my Wall of Sunshine.

(And I’ve just now realised that I need to flip it over to July!)

So it is my pleasure today, at the end of a long day, to crash in my comfy chair with my warm blanket (it’s winter here in Oz), and read this zine from Crash:

Want to know what I think of this zine? My review will come later in the month…

And there we have it, dear zine friends! A lovely start to the month – a month which is just barely starting for some in other time zones. Haha. My best wishes to you all for the month to come.

Until next time…

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Let me know if/where you are joining in!

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