ZineWriMo 2019 Day 22: Friday Night Highlights: Show Off/Write About Your Progress

Hello and happiest of Fridays, zine friends! What do we have on for today…

Friday Night Highlights: Show Off/Write About Your Progress

This week has been a bit of a kerfuffle, so I’m going to switch things up and put the focus – or highlight, if you will – on the other people who are participating on ZineWriMo.


Novice Zinester
Herinza Syadza

The list can be an easy thing to miss once you’ve grown used to seeing it, so why not give it a little extra sunshine today? 🙂 Check out the awesomeness happening with these other zinemakers (if you haven’t already/recently). Also remember there is a ZineWriMo Facebook Group as well as the hashtags #zinewrimo and #zinewrimo2019 that you can check out on Instagram and/or Twitter.

That’s me for this fine Friday, zine friends. Reach out if you can. Make connections if you’re comfortable.

…and spread a little sunshine.

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