Zine Review: Murals of Marin 1-4 Mini Zine Set

Murals of Marin 1-4 Mini Zine Set
True Zine Marin

The Murals of Marin 1-4 is a set of US-sized one-page folded, full colour mini-zines murals that can be found around Marin County, California.

I reviewed Murals of Marin 1 here – https://www.seagreenzines.com/zine-review-murals-of-marin-1/ – so this is more of an extension of a review than a review in and of itself.

Murals of Marin as a series features one lovely full-colour mural per mini-zine. The individual pages give you the information of the who, what, etc, while unfolding them reveals the secret full picture of the mural in its entirety inside.

I’m so glad to see this expanded into a series. As I mentioned in my first review, I can see this turning into a tour series of zines (of sorts, when the world recovers from its current chaos). An art tour without the gallery, if you will. Each zine gives you the starter information, and it’s up to the reader to enjoy the zine at home or go exploring.

Even if you consider yourself not ‘into’ art, I think this is a zine series to check out. The colours are gorgeous, the murals are gorgeous, and they have a great energy that inspires me to see what I can do with zines.

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