Zine Review: Some of the Spookiest Things

Some of the Spookiest Things
Jess Eddy

Some of the Spookiest Things is an A6 riso-printed pink, black and white zine about spooky things in life.

With a cute art style and interesting title, this zine caught my eye as soon as I saw it, and I’ve been looking forward to sitting down with it since.

Some of the Spookiest Things opens right into the spooky things in life. From creepy creatures to unnerving nightmares, this zine covers specific things that are oh, so relatable. Each page features one spooky thing along with art. Everything is riso printed in black and pink.

I love zines like this that give us little snippets that can remind us that we’re not so different after all. I might not have disturbing dreams about gluten, but I have disturbing dreams about other specific things. I’ve never used a dating app, but the prospect is incredibly intimidating and more than enough for me to feel for that particular spooky aspect in life.

I love the level of detail with the art in this zine. From the fine lines of the teeth on the combs in one spooky thing illustration to the little touches on a phone screen involving a spooky thing regarding dating apps, the details make it fun to slow down and really take it all in.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but the very last spooky thing felt like an oh, so perfect spooky thing in life to wrap up the zine. Loved it.

Some of the Spookiest Things is a both cute and thoughtful-as-you-want-it-to-be zine. It’s definitely worth picking up for the fun combination of art and relatable spooky things.

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