ZineWriMo Day 17 – Warm Up Stream of Consciousness

Hello and happy 17th day of ZineWriMo! How are we already this far through? Wow, wow, wow. Fortunately, if you’re feeling the same way and would like some time to reflect on it, today’s prompt might be just the thing for you.

Warm Up – Try stream of consciousness writing

If you’re not familiar with stream of consciousness writing, it’s about sitting down to write (you can have a page goal or a time goal if you like, but it’s not required) and writing your heart out without stopping. Any and every thought goes down on the page with neither overthought nor judgement. You can think of it as a wash for the mind, if you like.

I started journaling again for the first time in a long time earlier this year. I usually write about specific things for specific reasons, but today is about letting that pen go and not looking back.

I’ve tried stream of consciousness writing in the past, and it still puzzles me a little as to why it’s intimidating to me. Then again, once you release the damn, you can’t always predict the exact path of the flood, eh?

That said, it’s nice to be able to let things flow once I get into that mindset of writing for writing’s sake without judgement. Well, it’s me, so there’s a little judgement. But I’m working on that.

How about you? I’d love to know how others find the process of stream of consciousness writing.


Other Participants:

*Echo Publishing
*Rachel Getts


Get the full list of prompts and find out what this whole ZineWriMo thing is all about here.

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