Zine Review: Winged Snail Mail 1


Winged Snail Mail 1
Sarah Hoffman
US Half-Fold

I’m sure I’ve prattled on about how much I love happy/snail/postal mail, so I’ll keep myself in check in that department and get right to the zine review.

From the get go, this is a well-organised zine. There’s a clear table of contents right in the beginning (yup, ‘in the beginning’ is a talking point – I’ve seen them placed elsewhere in zines), and the table itself is separated into sections. There are zine reviews, articles, an interview and more. I haven’t seen a lot of first zines with so much variety and content. An excellent start for a zine that, I hope, will have many editions.

Winged Snail Mail 1 is tripped up (ever so slightly) by two things. The first is forgetting about the margins. A couple of things were cut off. I think I worked out what they all are, but I don’t like having to work for it. I’m a lazy zine reader. 😛

The second is dark copying. It really only messed with this one page:


It was impossible to read in my usual reading lamplight. (I’ve brightened this picture up on the computer.)

But she makes up so, so much for that by making a move that is one of my personal favourites:


Clear, easy-to-read details. Love it.

It might sound like I’m being harsh on this zine, but I’m one of those really annoying people who nitpicks the things they like. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t bother.

With such a great start, I am looking forward to seeing what’s included in issue two. This is part of my ‘for keeps’ zine collection.

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