Zine Review: How To Make A Mini Journal


How to Make a Mini Journal
A5 (A4 half-fold)

I love journals – all sorts of them – and I’ve been making journals for years now. So when I saw a zine about making journals, you can imagine I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, this didn’t really measure up.

I have probably said before that one of the beauties of zines is that there isn’t just one thing that they are. However, I do have certain expectations. I expect more than print outs with some font changes. That isn’t meant to be insulting; it is quite literally what this zine consists of.

That’s not to say a zine can’t be all typed out without any images. What I really missed with this zine was the personality behind the zine. This is very good information zine for anyone who is a beginner with journals. But it’s purely information.

I really shouldn’t hold that against it. I read zines to connect to other people, and that was something that wasn’t met here. Another person will have another view. I do think three double-sided A4 pages shouldn’t cost quite so much.

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