Zine Review: Mild Scribbling #5

Mild Scribblings 5

Mild Scribbling #5
Rebecca Sheedy

I had to get my hands on Rebecca’s X-Files zine, and while in her shop, I saw this zine, too and thought I’d take a peek.

Mild Scribbling #5 is a collection of small, colour art set on nice, slightly glossy paper featuring everyday art. Not that the art is ‘everyday’ but that the art isn’t abstract. There is a hotdog. And a sock. And other wonderful, cute little things. She draws things regarding her Easter 2014, Reasons Why Adam Buxton is Fantastic, and a Hot/Not list.

I don’t want to give away anything as such, but I did want to give a tiny little peek inside (apologies for the less than stellar photo):

2016-02-11 17.25.26

Mild Scribbling #5 reminds me a little of The Third Biannual Mildly Informative Booklet Depicting Graphical Representations of General Occurrences and Observations and Every Morning in that it takes something people usually take for granted or don’t think about and turns it into something lovely.

In this case, adorable, colourful art.

It does involve some tiny, tiny writing (which adds to the adorableness of it) that might be a problem for some, but it’s not a good day unless I’m getting up close and personal with a zine at some point.

There’s something so fresh and simple to this zine that it easily earns its way into my permanent collection.

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