Do It For the Kitty!

All plans for a normal post today went out the window last night.

I’ll spare you the less than awesome (aka yucky) details, but the medical mystery that is my beloved cat Asimov is back at the vet.

It’s come down to needing a very delicate operation on his throat area (a lot of very important bits around there in a cat) – no other option. We’re hoping that doing the necessary cleaning out and such will also reveal the source of all his problems.

I’m holding a sale on my Etsy shop to help fund the operation.


I appreciate everyone’s patience. I feel like I bounce between ‘everything is awesome’ and ‘EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE WHAT IS HAPPENING’. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me through all the crazy things that happen in my life.

I would much rather give you something in exchange for your help, but if you feel so inclined, I do have a direct way to donate on my Paypal page. If you want to donate there but want something different to what I have available on Etsy, no worries at all. Just send me a message there if you can or shoot me an email at

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