Mini Zine Review: Literal Trash


Literal Trash
Talia Enright

It’s time for something mini, sweet, and absolutely adorable.

I was just listening to a podcast today where two people were talking about how a great thing about zine culture is how you can really have an idea about anything. Specific subjects need not apply. All welcome here.

So when I was this little zine about dumpsters, well, I couldn’t help but smile.

Literal Trash is a zine featuring drawn pictures of dumpsters in different situations. This is one of those times where I really wish I didn’t have my self-imposed rule about showing the insides of zines (especially the minis) because the art inside is even cuter than what’s on the cover.

There are little slogans or words to go along with each one, and I just can’t pick a favourite. Though “Trash can! Not a trash can’t” nearly claims that title.

The full-colour suits this zine so, so well. The level of detail in the illustrations is really brought out by all the different colours. This would still be a fun mini zine in black and white, but I really think going full colour brings it to the best possible level.

While it may seem like a strange thing, I really need to point out the awesome folding on this zine. It’s totally precise, and, yes, I do struggle a little with the one-page zine edges coming together properly at the end. This zine is excellent. I love it.

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