Zine Review: i’m sick.


i’m sick.

Sometimes I feel like I pick up the zines I need to read when I need to read them, and they are just right to help me get past whatever creative hangups I have at that point in time. This is one of those zines. (Take that as you will.)

i’m sick is a (mostly) text-filled mini-zine stream of consciousness pondering about fever dreams, being sick, people, music, work, and reminding oneself that your alive. Sick as Katie is, they venture forth to the library and contemplate whether the boyfriend will ever call.

It is a touch self-pitying, but who doesn’t get into a bit of grumpiness and self-pity when they are ill?

There’s something about a smaller zine that either makes it more ‘fun and light’ or more intimate. This zine is the latter. It meanders not only through thoughts but but feelings as well. It starts out making you wonder if it’ll venture into a rant while instead it just gets a little grumpy before wandering on to more interesting things. Somehow you end up on something important and vulnerable all at the same time.

This zine reminds me that not everything – not every work created – has to have a point, a wrap up, a ‘the end’ at the end. I mean that in the best possible way. Sometimes things exist simply for the sharing of them because we had a moment where we wanted to connect or simply to express something. It reminds me to loosen up about the standards I hold myself to.

Even Katie says in the zine:

I really just wanted to say hello and to remind myself that I’m alive.

Sometimes I begin to wonder if I read way too much into things. Then I read a sentence like that and remember there are beautiful things to be found even in word rambles.

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