International Zine Month – Days 27 – 31

Hello, hello, hello, zine friends. This blog post is brought to you by electrolytes, a lot of sleep, and a massive amount of TLC from the dear and amazing Wanderer. Truly, he’s been absolutely brilliant to the point of piling blankets on me when I felt very cold.

I’m very slowly getting back to normal. I’m one of the fun and exciting people who can get mono/glandular fever more than once if I push myself too much/overstress myself. Good times. This round has been mild but meant I’ve slept away most of the week thus far.

Enough of that, though! As you can imagine, the last part of IZM has been a bit of a bust. But no stress! Life happens, and sometimes we just have to dance to the tune.

Or sleep. Haha.

On to it!

On day 27 of this fabulous month, the prompt is to host or attend a zine event. That was definitely off the books this past weekend (honestly, I lost track of the days a bit), not only for health reasons but location.

You can always check out the Zine World Calendar to see if there are any events happening near you and/or to make sure your event is listed.

Day 28 is the day for listing our favourite zines. I decline on the grounds that I love all the zines. Hehehe.

On this fine day of IZM, the prompt is to take a picture of yourself with your zine collection. I’ll meet you halfway with a picture of some of my zines…

On the 30th day of IZM, the prompt is to write or make a wrap-up of International Zine Month. I’m actually going to save this prompt for tomorrow because I have a few things to write about that don’t quite fit in here.

This, the final day of IZM, we take a moment to remember the zines and zinesters no longer with us.

For another year, I find myself grateful and relieved to not know any zinesters who have passed. As I meet new zinemakers and make new zine friends, I avoid thinking about this sort of thing more and more. It’s all a part of the life cycle, but I’d like to stay in my shiny bubble for as long as I can.

My thoughts do go to all of those who have lost people. I light a candle and hope that you can find comfort in knowing you aren’t alone.

That’s all for me today, zine friends. I will be back tomorrow at least a little bit. 😉

Until then…

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Let me know if/where you are joining in!

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