Zine Review: Rainy Day

Rainy Day
Andrina Manon

Rainy Day is a slightly smaller than A5 full-colour, wordless zine about the love between a person and their cat.

Sometimes I just want a happy, light story to help me to feel calm and grounded. Rainy Day definitely fits that mark.

Rainy Day opens with a rainy day in the city, and a cat with no milk left. We follow along as human and cat venture out for more and encounter a bit of umbrella trouble on the way back home.

It often pleasantly surprises me how often a person’s art style goes so well with the stories they tell. Andrina’s style is not overly complicated and has a ‘homey’ touch to it – just like the story. Plus, I do really love cats (and dogs) so I can’t help but associate cats with home.

Of course, the presentation is lovely, too, with a variety of colours that all have a certain softness to them. I always love to-the-edge printing as well.

Rainy Day is a lovely art zine that has a wordless story inside as well. Check out Andrina’s sites; if you like their style and cats, then you’ll enjoy this zine.

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