International Zine Month – Day 16 – Zine Love List

Hello and happy Friday once more, zine friends. It is a cold, blustery night here in this little section of Oz. I’m rugged up in a hoodie as well as my electric blanket and getting my zine and zine-related activities on.

Oh adulting. I suppose I was never going to be an ‘out clubbing’ kind of woman. Haha. No regrets.

I posted some free zine goodness earlier (in the post below), and giving away zine goodness seems so perfect to pair up with today’s prompt…

Today’s prompt is:

Make a list of reasons you love zines and share your list with others.

Zines, how I do love thee. Let me count the ways…

I’m sure I have that line wrong, and I’m sure I’ve made that joke before, but what can I say? I like what I like. So what do I like (and love!) about zines?

*Taps into my inner joy – Making zines helps me tap into my inner joy. Yes, I often write about serious subjects and things like that. Still, there are times when I can get out my crayons, stickers, washi tapes, and more and have an absolutely fabulous time. No judgements creativity time with colours and just plain fun.

*Learning! – Like with everything these days, you do need to double check things. Especially when it comes to advice that can effect your body and your mind. That said… learning! I have learned so much from zines. About myself, about how to make certain crafts, about different belief systems and practises… There’s so much to learn from different life perspectives to fun facts about fruit. It’s all out there for the reading.

*Helps remind me I’m not alone – I’m sure I put this every year, but it’s such a big one for me. Whether it’s helping me to discover that the things I thought were ‘just me’ are actually common for a lot of people or the reminders that we all have our own journeys and own mistakes to make, zines remind me that I’m not alone. There’s someone out there who can understand. Even when I feel like there’s not, there’s no way I convince myself that there aren’t people out there who at least want to try to understand. I love that and will always love that about zines.


Like with all years, I like to keep a running list of links to people/places participating in International Zine Month. So if that sounds like you, then please let me know! Comment here on the blog or send me an email at seagreenzines at gmail


*Echo Publishing

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