International Zine Month – Day 15 – Free Zines Day

Hello and happy Friday, zine friends! Technically it’s the 16th today, but I can’t miss out on Free Zine Day! It’s one of my favourite International Zine Month days.

Today’s prompt is:

Free Zine Day! Offer your zine for free online or – if it’s safe to do so where you are – leave zines in public places for strangers to find and enjoy.

I know digital zines aren’t ‘real’ zines for some zinemakers, and I respect their thoughts on that. Alas, a car battery later, and a car service as well as a vet visit to come means digital is the best I can do this year. However, it’s free and in colour, so that’s pretty cool, yeah?

Happy Free Zine Day everyone! Here’s Dear Anonymous 3 for your digital reading pleasure.


Like with all years, I like to keep a running list of links to people/places participating in International Zine Month. So if that sounds like you, then please let me know! Comment here on the blog or send me an email at seagreenzines at gmail


*Echo Publishing

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