Call for Submissions: Dear Anonymous 4


Dear Anonymous has a rolling, open submission, so you can submit your letters at any time!

DA4 is on its way, and you still have time to get your letters in. These letters can be confessionals, but they can also be whatever you like them to be. Write to your life, write to your cat, write to your past or your future… Dear Anonymous is about writing the letters of the things you can’t say for whatever reason.

Basically, you’re right in the 1 – 500 words range, but shorter is better. BUT, this zine is about expression, and I don’t want to force anyone to clamp down on their passion just for me. I’m flexible.

Send letters to theauthor at If I don’t respond to you within a few days, comment here.

All contributors will receive a PDF copy.

*** Do you have a call for submissions for your zine? Let me know!

Zine Review: Winged Snail Mail 1


Winged Snail Mail 1
Sarah Hoffman
US Half-Fold

I’m sure I’ve prattled on about how much I love happy/snail/postal mail, so I’ll keep myself in check in that department and get right to the zine review.

From the get go, this is a well-organised zine. There’s a clear table of contents right in the beginning (yup, ‘in the beginning’ is a talking point – I’ve seen them placed elsewhere in zines), and the table itself is separated into sections. There are zine reviews, articles, an interview and more. I haven’t seen a lot of first zines with so much variety and content. An excellent start for a zine that, I hope, will have many editions.

Winged Snail Mail 1 is tripped up (ever so slightly) by two things. The first is forgetting about the margins. A couple of things were cut off. I think I worked out what they all are, but I don’t like having to work for it. I’m a lazy zine reader. :P

The second is dark copying. It really only messed with this one page:


It was impossible to read in my usual reading lamplight. (I’ve brightened this picture up on the computer.)

But she makes up so, so much for that by making a move that is one of my personal favourites:


Clear, easy-to-read details. Love it.

It might sound like I’m being harsh on this zine, but I’m one of those really annoying people who nitpicks the things they like. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t bother.

With such a great start, I am looking forward to seeing what’s included in issue two. This is part of my ‘for keeps’ zine collection.

Zine Review: How To Make A Mini Journal


How to Make a Mini Journal
A5 (A4 half-fold)

I love journals – all sorts of them – and I’ve been making journals for years now. So when I saw a zine about making journals, you can imagine I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, this didn’t really measure up.

I have probably said before that one of the beauties of zines is that there isn’t just one thing that they are. However, I do have certain expectations. I expect more than print outs with some font changes. That isn’t meant to be insulting; it is quite literally what this zine consists of.

That’s not to say a zine can’t be all typed out without any images. What I really missed with this zine was the personality behind the zine. This is very good information zine for anyone who is a beginner with journals. But it’s purely information.

I really shouldn’t hold that against it. I read zines to connect to other people, and that was something that wasn’t met here. Another person will have another view. I do think three double-sided A4 pages shouldn’t cost quite so much.

I am Woman! I Build the Stuff!

Not that you have to be a man or a woman to build stuff. You just have to give it a go!

I’ve been flirting with the idea of creating videos, but I wasn’t really keen on the cost of the equipment – the first bit of which being a camera mount that points down at the desk.

But then I found this handy tutorial for a DIY overhead camera mount.

Then I made one.


I don’t know that I’m going to make a ‘thing’ of doing videos (especially considering my lack of keeping up here) – one more reason to do this as cheaply as possible. Still, I am kind of proud of myself.


Zine Ninja didn’t really appreciate being my model while I tested a few things, but he didn’t complain. He’s good like that.

Now if I can just sort out the lighting…

I’m Here! (Belated Happy Mail)

I’m here! I’m still here. I promised I haven’t dropped off the face of the planet again. I’m simply disorganised. Or rather… I was.

To Do

Look at that. Organising myself like a boss. Or rather, like a kick-ass personal assistant. I’ve been a bit lost and crazy in Bipolarland over the weekend –

bipolar bear

– but I’m back now. Really. And I got some sweet, sweet happy mail! Well, happy swap, technically, but it still rocked my socks.

2015-04-27 19.55.54

I was asking about Midori Traveller’s Notebooks on a Swap-Bot group – mostly about alternatives because they are dayum expensive. Someone on the group sent me a message letting me know that she had a leather-covered journal she’d be willing to swap for something nice. Yay! I told her not to send pictures because I wanted it to be a surprise. I was definitely surprised.

2015-04-27 19.55.33

While it’s fairly far from being a Midori, it still is pretty cool and has a lot of personality. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it at this point, but it’ll be something cool.

2015-04-27 19.55.09

Call for Submissions: Grown Ass Lady wants YOU



We’re an online & print zine by and for women that chronicles the offbeat, opulent, vintage, and smutty side of life, with subversive humor and wit. GrownAssLady is a spot where like-minded gals can talk about owning who you are, being a rebel, and living without apologies. We think of ourselves as a female hedonist’s guide to life, and we’re looking to expand out community. GAL is looking for submissions for our online & printed zine so if you’re a writer, illustrator or artist and are interested, please drop us a line!

Born in the murky swamps of the suburbs and raised on a steady diet of trash TV, hypersexual R&B, and Pop Rocks, Jenny and Molly now live and work in Brooklyn, NY. They created Grown Ass Lady as a place to obsess about all things sleazy, strange, and beautiful.

Happy Mail Monday

Hello, hello, hello!

I know the halls have been quiet around this joint for way too long, but that’s what you get with me sometimes. Welcome to all the joys of the Bipolar rollercoaster. And on to it!

2015-04-13 15.51.03

I’ve always said that you have to send mail to receive it, and that has certainly worked for me this week. With the additional point of ordering things online being an option to get more mail. ;) I sent out a few RAKs last week and am loving being back in the midst of mail.


I received two lovely bits of mail – one a letter from the States (side note: I love it when people know that they can pick up/drop off penpalling with me because I’m the same way; I don’t get worked up about prompt sending) with someone who found me (or I found?) on The other bit is a zine! Yay for zine mail. This one I received as a thank you for putting up a call for submissions. That’s not a requirement by any means. Zippity Zinedra Press wanted to send it along.


Stationery! I do have a touch of an addiction to stationery. I lurve it a lot, but my wallet doesn’t often encourage this love. Thanks be to lovely people on Etsy selling their lovely items for reasonable prices.

I don’t usually do ‘haul’ pictures, but how adorable is this:


Love your postie. Haha.

Like the look of these? Then check out Sticker Paradise on Etsy.

Zine Review: Fat-tastic! 2


Fat-tastic 1
1/2 fold (US)

Last week, I reviewed Fat-tastic 1, so click on that name if you’d like to check out that review.

The next best thing to reading a good zine is seeing a good zine evolve over multiple editions. While this is a transition from 1 to 2, it’s still a transition. The zine itself hasn’t grown a huge amount, but the content inside has expanded. There is an interview, more art and poetry, a letter… Fat-tastic 2 will appeal to many different crowds by embracing the different forms of expression.

Though I must say, something about the middle spread image makes it my favourite of the lot.

Sage doesn’t proclaim herself some body-positive guru or anything like that. She fully admits that she is still learning to accept her body, love herself, and treat herself well. To me, her admitting the vulnerability of ‘still learning’ (instead of ‘I’m an expert!’) is the number one reason I’m eager to dive into Fat-Tastic 3.

Call for Zine Submissions: The Doomsday Book

The Doomsday Book

Hi guys. I’m currently in the midst of putting together a zine called ‘The Doomsday Book’. It focuses on the cult movie Times Square (1980) and it’s main star Robin Johnson. It’ll be a one-off effort, A5, and B&W. My main goal is to have this ready to go at least a month before Robin’s next birthday (May 30th) as I will be sending a copy to her via a relative of hers. I’m basically looking to include other people’s personal experiences in regards to the movie, the impact it’s had on your life etc. Poems and artwork are also welcome. I don’t want to push the deadline back any further than the end of April, so please contact me ASAP if you have any interest in this project. Also, feel free to ask me any questions. I’ll include the movie in a youtube link for those of you who have no idea what I’m referring to (and I’m sure there’s plenty of you). Times Square (1980) [full movie] Many thanks, Sarah. xoxo (