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Born in the murky swamps of the suburbs and raised on a steady diet of trash TV, hypersexual R&B, and Pop Rocks, Jenny and Molly now live and work in Brooklyn, NY. They created Grown Ass Lady as a place to obsess about all things sleazy, strange, and beautiful.

Zine Review: How do You Take It? 2014 (Issue #14)


How do You Take It? 2014 (Issue #14)
A6 (No longer operating.)

That moment of strange excitement when you come across a zine, see the author’s name, and think, “Hey! I know her!” That’s the little thrill I received when I saw this zine is by Tasha. She’s one of the first people I traded zines with on WMZ back at the beginning of my zine journey.

‘How do You Take It’ starts off with a diary-type entry noting Tasha’s thoughts on the first day of a new year. While the writing is a touch flowery (if I’m to be honest), it does fit with the kind of self-examination that usually comes with the start of a new year.

The sentiments don’t last overly long before she launches into a cynical rant about resolutions which began with these words (that made me smirk):

‘Tis the season to publicly commit to ridiculous lifelong aspirations; to promise the unrealistic and make soundedgoodatthetime kinda plans!

There aren’t exactly solid, clear breaks as such, so everything kind of travels into the next section on its own. While probably not intentional, it does work for a bleary-eyed zine created on Day One of 2014. It does wrap up with a reflection upon the previous year. I like this because, while she takes a cynical view of resolutions, she shows that she can still appreciate the meaning of a new year and its significance.

Amish Vampires in Space – Christian fiction that makes you go “What the?”


So this exists. And GrooveTushie wrote about it.

Originally posted on Groove Tushie:

amish vampires“Early stories romanticized outer space. Epic battles and sultry princesses. Ancient wizards fighting maniacal villains. Dogfights and laser beams. Searches for galactic mystery. Or destiny.

“In reality, space had none of those things. … Space was nothing more than a medium to be crossed, just like the continental landmass colonists might push through, or a sailor’s trip across the ocean. It was not epic, not even romantic. Dangerous in some places, certainly. Hostile to the ill-prepared. But space was genuinely a very boring place.”

With those few statements Seal, the captain of an interstellar cargo ship in Kerry Neitz’s novel Amish Vampires in Space, casually dismisses Buck Rogers, Star Trek, Space 1999, Star Wars, Firefly, Guardians of the Galaxy, and just about every other popular depiction of space travel as mere fantasy. This novel starts off by confronting us with the burdensome mundanity of interstellar…

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Tricky, Tricky…

The lack of a review yesterday (and so far today) is not actually my fault this round. Really. I’m so flustered, I feel the need to express myself with fewer words and more memes.

I was getting an error every time I tried to look at this site. I was very:


I tried everything I could think of, which is something but not a heck of a lot. I still ended up thinking:


I did a lot of Googling, and nothing I could find could really hit the spot for helping me to address the problem.

download (1)

After even more Googling and testing various solutions, I was at a point where…


I cleared my cache and FINALLY the site started working again. Sort of. If you type in, it works. If you type in, it doesn’t work.


So that’s where I am. That and deciding to find the appropriate images to clearly reflect my feelings about this day.


Happy Mail! Oh, Sweet Happy Mail

Just when I thought I would have no happy mail to share for the week, These little lovelies come in last minute.

Zines, glorious zines!


Zine Ninja had a glorious swim through the creative pages of this wonderful envelope stuffed full of ziiiiiiines. Love it. These were put together by Nat from Sticky. Apparently I opted to be paid in zines this round for stocking my zines there. Never would have guessed. Haha. There are heaps of new reading materials. BUT there is one that I already have a copy of. I smell a giveaway coming up!


On another note, I received this lovely (despite my less-than-stellar photography) pocket letter from the US. It had all kinds of little goodies, including a super adorable fox stamp set.

(Want to know what pocket letters are? Click this link.)

So yes, I’m a very happy bunny with all these goodies. I’ll be sending more out into the world in the hopes more nice things visit my post box. Keep in mind that my post box is open to all friendly happy mail. My focus is on zines, but I loooooove any positive mail. :)

Happy & Not-So-Happy: Surviving Mother’s Day

First up: To those of you who are celebrating, congrats on being/having/being and having an awesome Mom. Me posting this up? It doesn’t mean that I don’t think that there are awesome Moms out there. It only means that I no longer have a relationship with the woman who gave birth to me, and today is not an easy day for that reason. But for anyone else feeling that way, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Peanut butter frosting; Life hack!


Nothing about zines here, but peanut butter icing?! I must make this happen.

Originally posted on The simple joys of life:

I’m pretty sure I’ve just I’ve just created a cheat code for my baking life! I’m making mom a small mothers day and since my parents have been limiting their sugar intake for several months now, I wanted to make something healthy-ish.

I found an interesting carrot cake recipe on Green Kitchen Stories and, since I’m notoriously terrible at following recipes, made it my own by dropping the dates, dropping the oil for margarine(it’s all I had, olive oil aside), adding ground flax seeds, and totally winging it with the spices. I have little cream cheese, no lime and no honey in the house at the moment, which threw my frosting right out the window, so I was going to just put light whipped cream topping on it as a frosting. But then I tasted the cake… And because the cake contains banana to sweeten it, there is obviously a light banana taste…

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Zine Review: YOU


This one? A page in a greaseproof bag. Next one? Who knows?

Writing a review of an edition of YOU is like reviewing a limited edition Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavour; it’s iconic for some parts of the world, and you never quite know what you’re going to get until you dig in.

Good analogy? I’m not sure, but I don’t think I can think of anything better.

According to its Zine Wiki:

YOU (November 2001-) zine takes the form of a free anonymous letter addressed to you from various writers, usually handwritten, often sealed in a paper bag, published by Luke You.

YOU ties into the curiosity that is so intrinsic to most of us. Something sealed in a paper bag? For free? I must know what’s inside. This curiosity is followed closely by an urge in much of the population – voyeurism. While it grants the writer the bliss of anonymity, it also gives the reader a glimpse into a life that the reader would very likely never know.

For me, YOU is like a present. Someone has given me something special: a moment of their life. I’ll never know the writer, and the writer will never know me, but I will still be able to hold onto this moment. This little piece of life that someone threw out into the universe.

This particular letter is about a beautiful moment. I smiled even though I didn’t know some of the names referenced. I dwelled on the handwriting, curious about the hand and the person that would write with those particular words and curves of the letters. Even before all that, I got to open the bag – getting the same kind of enjoyment I get from opening happy mail.

I love it, through and through.


No happy mail this week, hence the lack of a happy mail post. Well, not really, but I’m getting to the lack of posting.

As it just so happens, Wanderer and I had a little celebration of managing not to kill each other for the past however many years. Spectacular, no? I thought so.

My present from Wanderer? A computer and phone-free day.

Let me be clear: I love my technology like I love reading in a hot bath after a long, difficult day. BUT it is nice to unplug – and we definitely unplugged. We got lost. Literally, but not in a panic-laden sense. We more drifted around until we decided to look for something remotely familiar so we could start wandering back home. Even Zine Ninja had a good time.


The next day, we trekked to Melbourne for some Daiso goodness for me (my preeeciousss shoppingses) and some market-fresh meats for Wanderer.

This is probably the longest I’ve been away from the computer for a long while. It was pretty cool.

Anywho, I will be back soon with a zine review.