Crowdfunding Zines?

I recently had the pleasurable experience (sarcasm) of buying ink for my printer. After the experience of posting out DA3 to everyone (not that I am complaining!), I began to think about how I crowdfunded my last two novels. With the help of friends and strangers, I was able to pay for everything from the cover art to the print copies.

I’d never thought about doing it for zines mostly because zines (my zines) don’t cost as much to produce as novels (my novels) do. Looking at Kickstarter, it looks like zine are a ‘done’ thing in crowdfunding.

So, quick question:

How do you feel about crowdfunding zines?

Call for Submissions: Domination & submission Zine

I’m writing a zine on Dominant / Submissive desires and unpicking abuse. I’m happy to collaborate with anyone, any feedback would be great.

Ever had kinky sex and it’s brought up painful memories of abuse?

Had a partner misunderstand your kinks as you wanting to be demeaned, humiliated, tortured?

Struggle with not being able to find an outlet for your sexuality, been let down by the prospect of getting to let go and felt pushed into not nice territory?

Struggled to align your feminist identity with submissive desires?

Mainly looking for experiences in first person; examples from me and other articles of what I’m looking for below, download this link for more – Abuse and Desire 3 experience (zoom out; meant for skip reading, very muddy stream of consciousness)

Read more: StigmaFreeWorld


Do you have a call for submissions for your zine? Let me know!

Bits N’ Bobs

No happy mail for me today, but you need to send mail to receive it…

Anywho, I wanted to a round up sort of post for the day.

For anyone going to the Chicago Zine Fest, there is a DIY reading/after party going on. You can find out more on this Facebook page.

A vegan feminist zine is looking for submissions. Check it out here. With my usual way of doing calls for subs, I don’t have room for everyone, so perhaps more round-ups are in order…

In or around LA? A group of students is organising the Claremont Zinefest on April 25 and they are currently accepting submissions.
More details are here.

Sad face:

Marching Stars

Marching Stars Distro

Call for Submissions: Clockpuncher Zine


I’m working on a zine called Clockpuncher, which is all about finding ways to prioritize creative pursuits when you work an imagination-sucking 9-to-5 job. I’m looking for any submissions that fit the general theme.

Examples of content that would be appropriate:

– Practical tips and tricks for squeezing creative endeavours into your day

– Personal stories and narratives (in any format.. essays, comics, poems, etc.)

– ART. Send me your art.

– Honestly, the zine is about creativity, so I’m not going to stifle yours. Send me whatever floats your boat.

I will send a copy to everyone who contributes. Please submit to by March 22!

Call for Submissions: New Zine on Male Survivors

abuseLooking for personal experiences or ideas written in first person, to go into a zine by male identified people about unpicking societies conditioning and sexual abuse. All comments, collaborators welcome, email me at

Mock up draft of what the zine could look like with subject ideas I’d like to write about. Male Survivors *Download link of articles I’m interested in, not for publication, I don’t own texts.*

I won’t edit your stories only copy and paste. I’d like 50% to be dedicated to unpicking abuse and learning good consent. But not necessary to include in every text if you feel your story stands alone as valuable experience.


Table of Contents Continue reading

Zine Review: Updated Report of Observations Which Somehow Seem to Reflect Abstractly on Life (Stat 2)

2015-03-12 20.32.20

Updated Report of Observations Which Somehow Seem to Reflect Abstractly on Life (Stat 2)
Sarah McNeil

Have you ever looked at a zine and wondered why you didn’t think of that? Well played, Sarah McNeil. Well played.

That sounds antagonistic, but it’s really not. I love statistics and graphs, and this zine is filled with them. From pie charts to bar graphs, McNeil has taken subjects from her life and laid them out statistics-addict style. I love, love, love it.

And wish I’d thought of it. But we’ve been over that.

While it might sound like a ‘cute’ sort of zine, there’s actually more than what a glance will tell you. The ‘Junk in My New Apartment’ pie chart and ‘Alcohol Intake’ line graph are amusing. Combine those with the ‘Sexual Preference’ and ‘This Zine’ pie charts start to give you a view of real, complex life. It’s becomes something akin to blogging via statistics. There is a level of vulnerability that I wouldn’t have thought possible through charts and graphs.

There are also a few more… visually amusing line graphs, but I’ll leave you to discover those.

Bah Humbug


What’s this? This, my friends, is a visual representation of how busy/distracted/stressed I have been today. You see, I love chocolate. This chocolate is of the Toblerone variety – a particular favourite. So for me to have a bite and actually forget about a piece…

Well, this has never happened in my twenty-some years of life.

I thought I was going to have the pleasure of moving this blog onto its own domain today, but something isn’t working correctly. Alas, here we are to stay for now.

On to the zine review.

Dear Anonymous 3 Arriving & Second Print Run


DA3 contributors have been awesome and let me know that my little loves have been arriving all over the world. What a rush. The feedback from both the contributors and other readers has been completely positive so far.

They’ve all gone so quick that I’m already onto the second print run for DA3.

Will Dear Anonymous 4 be even bigger? Even better? We’ll have to wait to find out. But 3 and 4 will be the first issues to be released within the space of one year…

Hola Yola Pepsi Cola

It’s a public holiday here in the land of Victoria, Oz, so if I do have happy mail, it’ll have to wait until next week. (The post, anyway. I’m all over that post box come tomorrow.)

To say that I’ve dropped the ball with posting here and with zine reviews feels like a bit of an understatement at this point. I’m not into the apology posts, but I am into pictures. So here is photographic proof that I’ve been trying to organise my life:


Labelled wire baskets, people. Labelled wire baskets.

I’ll give you a moment to calm down.

There, there. I know.

Part of the organisation was buying a domain (that I will be applying to this blog soon) and setting up an email on that domain. That’s right – I have a zine email address. – All zines, all the time.

I’ve had a lot of orders come in, started a new Etsy store for my digital stuff, started creating coptic stitch journals (hail the Cherry Blossom journal!), had orders for ‘baby’s first year’ journals (which I’ve never made before), so on and so forth.

So that’s me caught up. How you been? Whatcha been up to?

Oo! I did almost forget an upcoming zine… Here’s a hint…