Happy Mail Monday – Zine Book Edition

I’ll be frank with you all: I had a bit of a crappy weekend. I didn’t feel well, and I got downright grumpy about it. But with the sun (kind of) shining, and happy mail in my hands, everything is starting to look up.

Billy da Bunny! I think I’ve mentioned already how much I love these little newsletter-esque zines with a few life updates inside. They’re so fun, and I wish more people would make them. Billy is the generous sort who simply added me to the mailing list as a surprise. ^_^

This one wasn’t a surprise but was still absolutely just as lovely to receive. The newest edition of Make a Zine! Joe Biel asked for thoughts on zine community in one of the zine groups I’m in. Little did I know that contributing to the conversation could mean contributing to the book. Thanks so much for the copy!

Not only that; Joe also included a lovely card of thanks for what I do here at Sea Green Zines that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s all too easy to forget that I’m not plugging away here in complete isolation.

A huge thanks to all the wonderful people who have sent me mail and do send me mail. I keep the mail from the past to go through on my down days, and incoming mail often means more than simple joy to me. I appreciate you all.

**Special Note: I am fully aware that Microcosm Publishing and, specifically, Joe Biel, are subjects of contention amongst some in the zine community. If people want a post on my thoughts about the whole thing, I can do that. If not, I’ll leave it at this: I absolutely adore zines and all they can do for people. I ‘raise my flag’ or ‘throw in my lot’ with no one and nothing but the actual zines. I am a coward in the truest sense when it comes to any sort of conflict, and all I ever want to do is hold zines close and hope the rest sorts itself out. I hope that no one thinks less of me for it, but I understand if you do.

Call for Art Submissions: Arospec Poetry Network


The Arospec Poetry Network is seeking submissions from arospec visual artists to illustrate the second issue of its collective art/poetry zine “Don’t Talk To Me Of Love”.

This issue will center around the theme of freedom.

Artists have the choice between directly submitting original content related to this theme, or getting in touch with our members to work in closer relation and illustrate a particular piece of poetry.

We accept traditional art, digital art, photography, comics (1 to 2 pages), … You can always get in touch if you’re not sure whether you’re artwork would fit our zine.

All rights will remain with the artists. Since the zine is going to be a free publication, we cannot offer financial compensation. Submissions limited to three pieces at a time.

Due date for submissions is May 1st.
The zine should be released in June

You can contact us and/or send in your submissions per e-mail: meenilevi@gmail.com or through tumblr: @arospecpoetrynet.

The Freedom APA

Freedom APA is an alternative press association with one expectation: participate where, when and how you are able.

Annual Membership: Participation by sending items for the mailing a minimum of once per membership year PLUS $15 for US membership; $25 for rest of world. Items for the mailing bundle may include mail art, printed journals, chapbooks, zines, cds, dvds, cassettes, envelopes, postcards, bookmarks, recipes, stamps, letters, or whatever you choose to create.

Four bundles are mailed per year. The next mailing is scheduled for June 2017. If you send materials for the June bundle, 22 items are needed.

Membership dues may be sent via Paypal: singinggrove@conknet.com

Checks may be made payable to: Frederick Moe 36 West Main Street Warner NH 03278.

$6 postpaid for a sample bundle if you’re curious to check it out before jumping in.

Freedom APA is intended to be fun & embrace the spirit of personal journalism, zine making, letter writing, graphic arts, mail art, DIY printing, poetry, homemade music, creative projects, podcasting & more. Freedom APA is not an organization nor will Freedom APA have officers or by-laws. We have however add volunteer “staff” as Freedom APA grows.

With your support, this will be an enjoyable mailing circle project full of creativity. Freedom APA is a postal activity.

Please share with your friends!

Calling Zine Makers, Libraries, Distros, And the Like

I’m at the very beginning stages of working on a new zine project. As part of this, I would like to include A5/A6 spaces (maybe even A7, if that works for you) that feature things like:

*Zines that have a rolling call for submissions (even if your zine changes theme/topic from issue to issue, an overarching ‘flier’ for the whole series would be awesome)
*Zine distros – whether you want to say ‘check out my distro’, are looking for zines to sell in your distro, or both!
*Zine libraries – again, whether it’s a ‘check us out’, ‘looking for zine donations’, or both, I’d love to see it
*Zine people who want to be included in an ‘open to trades’ section. I’m thinking name, preferred contact (or your mailing addy, if that’s the way you roll), and a few likes/dislikes.

The key thing here is that things be ‘undated’ (hence sharing a zine series rather than one specific call for submissions) so things aren’t out of date before I get the chance to create the thing.

Ideally, I’d like things to be images with text on them because of the limited space involved (with the exception of the trades section, which will be text only). But I want to be flexible, too. This project is really in its early days, so I’m still figuring a lot out.

If you want to get involved straight away (please do!) then you can shoot me an email (theauthor at inkyblots.com)

Zine Review: Catzine

Maria (Fafa) Jaepelt
IG: @catarinacomixfestival
Catarina Comix Festival Page

For today’s review, I have something quite different for you. Henry got in contact on my Sea Green Zines Facebook page and asked if I was interested in comic zines from Brazil (Brasil). My answer was a big, big yes, but the only thing was that they were in Portuguese. I’m afraid that English is the only language I’m fluent in.

However, Henry wasn’t worried about it, so I decided that I shouldn’t be worried either. Plus, cats!

I decided that this would be a fun and interesting opportunity to see how much I could get out of a zine even if I couldn’t understand the language. Would images be enough to enjoy it? Would I be able to understand what was happening in the comics based on what was shown in setting, expressions, and other body language?

I opened the zine up to a flutter of leaves falling out onto my lap, and I must admit that I was a little confused until I took another look at the zine cover. Only then did I really note the leaves blowing around the cat, who had a scarf on and a warm mug of something. Then I must admit that I laughed.

Perhaps not something I would appreciate as much has I opened it on the bus or something, but I do love the touch – especially as it goes so well with the cover (and the fact that it’s autumn here right now).

Because I didn’t understand the words, I knew that the art style would have to carry things for me, and that it absolutely did. The art style of this zine is absolutely engaging and lovely. Both Maria and Henry (Henry had one comic included) have styles that are very detailed while at the same time being very easy on the eyes.

I would love to have a print of this page:

(Posted with permission from the zine creator.)

Not understanding the words didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the zine. It didn’t take words to understand the story of someone intent on getting one cat and then ending up with two, three, five, more… Though perhaps the love I have for cats helped in that understanding.

The one thing I didn’t see was anything resembling contact details or a website/store. Even though zines aren’t something to get into for the money, I feel like zine creators – especially artists – are shutting out some positive possibilities by not including any contact details.

For the curious – yes, I did get the English versions later and still loved everything just the same. As it turned out, I’d guessed the context fairly well for the most part.

Whether you get the Portuguese version or wait for the English version, if you love cats, I think you’ll love this zine.