Zine Review: Manifest (zine) #1

Manifest (zine) #1
Jennifer Payne
1 Page Folded

Manifest (zine) #1 is a full colour 1-page-folded mini-zine that explores the theme of divine intervention in the forms of poetry, collage, and art.

This is the kind of paper that makes me want to pet zines.

Manifest (zine) #1 opens to a note set on a background of yellowed pages of (I believe) a book written in latin. The note asks the reader to contemplate the forces that inspire or otherwise cause is to move in our lives. From there the reader opens the zine once more to reveal side-by-side poems about change. Finally, we open to the middle spread: a combination of art, collage, and more poetry exploring self and change.

I have mentioned many times how poetry is something I don’t often connect with for a few reasons. That said, the poetry in this zine is more in the form of prose-like poetry, which made the imagery and messages easier for me to follow and understand.

The design of this zine is lovely. The paper is so nice and smooth, and the colour printing goes all the way to the edge. I love watercolours and clocks as a visual theme, so I felt drawn in before I read a single word. The layout with each unfolding revealing its own spread was a nice, fun touch too. (It’s not your standard ‘one page folded’ layout. You open this all the way up.)

I love contemplations of self and various forces in the universe, so this zine is definitely one for me. Combine it with Jennifer’s art style, and you have a much-enjoyed read for me.

This is such a fun, creative zine, and I’m so happy to have more in the series. I definitely recommend checking it out.

Long Arm Stapler Podcast is Looking for Guests!

Long Arm Stapler: A Podcast About Zines is coming back for season three!

Would you like to be a guest on a podcast all about zine goodness? Then check out the interest form for potential guests!

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All recordings are done virtually due to COVID. You will need to record local audio and then send the file via email.

Call for Submissions: Zine of the Hill 3

Description from https://tinyurl.com/zineofthehill3

Howdy! Thanks for your interest in submitting something to Zine of the Hill 3. For this issue, I am curating an all-queer “cast” of contributors. Like the second issue of Zine of the Hill, I would like to focus on how the show makes you feel, but this time with more queer subtext. Anyone who loves King of the Hill and falls somewhere under the LGBTQQIP2SAA umbrella may contribute. I am looking for both written pieces and visual art (but at this time, mostly written pieces! Creative non-fiction! Fiction! Poetry! Etc.!) Please keep things “PG-13.”

All accepted contributors will receive two copies of the zine. Unfortunately, at this time I cannot pay for submissions. After the zine is completed, I will be reaching out to get accepted contributors’ addresses to send copies of the zine. If you’d prefer a digital copy, please let me know at that time.

The deadline for this call for submissions is 1/23/22.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out – longarmstapler (@) gmail . com

Thanks, y’all!

xoxo Maira

Have You Seen These Zines?

Hello, zine friends! I am doing a little research project, and I am looking for informations on these zines – and the zinesters who made them! If you have any information, please get in touch.

What I’m Looking For:

*Sock Monkey Social Life

*We Like Poo (possibly by Tara Sin?)

*Western Lore by Tim White

Zine Review: Teaching Gen Z #1

Teaching gen z #1
Written by ab for Warglitter Zines
16 pages

Teaching gen z #1 is a US-quarter-sized colour zine about teaching generation Z (roughly estimated as born somewhere in 1995-2005).

Talk about a zine I’m both intrigued by but also dreading what kind of revelations it may contain.

Teaching gen z #1 opens with a picture of Warglitter sitting in the sunshine with a beautiful umbrella – clearly refencing the quote bubble on the front cover: “Mrs. B, it’s so SUNNY! Can we have class INSIDE today?” Talk about setting the tone I was anticipating in this zine. From there we go to a note about the best guess at what ‘gen z’ actually is and then launching into a tale of gen z young attraction.

The zine style is fun and colourful with drawings and different coloured shapes stamps like music notes and smiley faces. The handwriting is lovely and easy to read. The whole aesthetic fits right in with the student years vibe. At least, the vibe I remember.

I expected a few short tales of teaching when I opened this zine, but it turned out to be one cute story. This made me all the happier to see the ‘#1’ on the cover. I hope to see many more of these. I must admit a particularly strong curiosity as I haven’t been in a school setting for a while.

This is a fun zine with a glimpse into a life I know nothing about – one of my favourite zine types. Definitely check it out. I hope there will be more to come.

Zine Review: What is… Stimming?

What is… Stimming?


12 pages



What is… Stimming? Is a US ¼ sized, black-and-white text zine introduction to what stimming is and why some people do it.

I just love it when there is something I do or feel but have never really questioned, and then someone comes along and explains it in zine form.

What is… Stimming? opens with what stimming is: the rhythmic and often repetitive motions/behaviours that many austistics do but isn’t limited to autism alone. From there, October writes about why stimming is needed, types of stims, and more.

I like that October writes about the reality of stimming and how sometimes stims should be redirected away from the harmful stimming. October also doesn’t shy away from pointing out that some approaches that repress stimming can actually do more harm than good.

What is… Stimming? felt like well-rounded introduction to stimming that satisfied basic questions while also touching on a few things that I can research further if I decide to do so. October was encouraging to both people who stim as well as people who know people who stim and/or want to learn more about stimming.

All up, What is… Stimming? Is a good introduction presented in an easy to understand way.

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