Zine Review: What Quarantine Taught Me

What Quarantine Taught Me
8 page mini

What Quarantine Taught Me is a full-colour, one-page folded mini-zine about things Shei (as an introverted, childfree, home employed person) learned during quarantine.

Shei opens this zine by writing a bit about their personal situation during quarantine and how it shapes their experience. They also touch on the idea how they hate the idea that everything happens for a reason (something that had me nodding along because I think a lot of people feel the same). From there, we launch into what Shei has learned.

I identified a lot with this because I’m also introverted, childfree, and home emplyed. That said, I think what Shei learned is good for people of other situations as well. What Shei has learned are things that I think everyone could value.

This is a lovely to look at little zine with helpful reminders even outside of a quarantine/pandemic situation.

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