Carry On Carrying On


Today is an emotional day for millions upon millions. To say the least.

It physically and emotionally hurts to see so many people who are angry, scared, downright terrified… I feel utterly inept at being able to say anything that could provide even the least little bit of comfort.

After waking up to my Paypal account hacked and my bank account (personal – not the one we pay the rent with, thank goodness) empty, I felt unable to even emotionally comfort myself, let alone those who felt the the entire world just took a dark path.

I debated with myself most of the day over what to do. After all, wouldn’t it be understandable just to take a day off, for crying out loud? Of course it would have.

Even so, I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes all you can do is keep doing. Do what you need to do for self-care, and keep doing what you do whatever that may be.

Here, that means I’ll be putting up a Thursday zine review soon and carrying on with another Friday review tomorrow.

So why even post this up? Because I want you to know that if you’re hurting, if you’re scared… I hear you. I wish you weren’t hurting, and I wish there was something I could do about it. Above all, I hope that knowing my wishes can somehow give you some small comfort in all this.

One Reply to “Carry On Carrying On”

  1. i can bring those people comfort . . . this: we in america have finally said NO to the long line of corporate puppet presidents . . . we have finally said NO to a woman who has supported arms deals with countries all over this world. people all over the world will sleep safer without that evil woman’s cozy little deals with weapons manufacturers. we have finally said NO to criminal politicians like hillary clinton who has billionaire pals in south america who run sweat shops (JUST READ THE E-MAILS PEOPLE! from wiki-leaks . . . particularly the ones about columbia). i am goddamned proud of this country! GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. now it’s time to re-open the criminal charges on that woman and put her in prison! thank god a man who terrifies the elitist scum on both the republican side and democrat side has been elected! don’t be scared . . . be thankful!


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