Zine Review: Sketchbook 1


Sketchbook 1
Scheree Reeves

I’ve always admired people’s ability to draw well. When I was growing up, it seemed like such a magical talent to have. To see things like Sketchbook 1 where some drawings are ‘broken down’ into the individual strokes of linework makes is all the more fascinating…

Sketechbook 1 is just that – a sketchbook of sorts featuring all sorts of Scheree Reeve’s pieces at various stages of completion. There are ‘rougher’ (I say rougher, but they’re gorgeous by their own right) pieces as well as a full colour, completed centrefold. When it comes to what’s drawn, there’s a lovely variety: from humans to animals and creatures between.

Really, though, when it comes down to it, I think I would have enjoyed it just as much with less variety.

This zine is beautifully presented on heavier, glossier paper that suited the completed pieces very, very well. It was a little strange to see the ‘rougher’ sketches on such nice paper, but not to an extent that it took away from the enjoyment of it. For the overall zine, it was a good choice.

An even better choice? The fact that everything is in full colour. From lines to completed pieces, having full colour really breathed life into everything that I think black and white would have fallen short with.

This is the kind of zine that’s easy to flip through or dwell on depending on your mood. I can see myself going back to this and looking through it many more times simply for the pleasure of it.

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