Mini Zine Review: Untitled


Untitled is a full-colour, A7, one-page folded mini-zine about the distance between two people.

In few but impactful words and watercolour art, Latibule taps into the sad but yet somehow still hopeful feelings that come with knowing someone from a distance. It’s not specified whether it’s a friendship or a romantic relationship, but it doesn’t have to be. Distance is hard on people who just want to be in each other’s presence. And I think the feelings that come through in this zine are relevant in whole new ways since last year.

I love watercolours, and Latibule uses my favourite colours – blues, greens, and purples. Her style has a touch of surrealism without taking away from the feelings that come from the words or the overall feeling of the zine itself.

This is a mini-zine that is very bittersweet, but it hit me right in my heart as someone who has a lot of friendships overseas. i have read this many times, and I know i will come back to it many more.

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