Mini-Zine Review: Sometimes People Don’t Suck #5

Sometimes People Don’t Suck #5

Sometimes People Don’t Suck #5 is a black and white, one-page-folded, US-sized one-page zine containing a beautiful true story about sharing and mulberries.

If this title sounds familiar here on the blog, it’s because I reviewed Sometimes People Don’t Suck 1, 2, & 3 (and loved them).

Set on patterned backgrounds, the typed text tells a sweet story that swept me away with pleasant images of a day spent berry picking – with the positive surprise of strangers sharing. It is a quick read, but such a lovely one that I read it twice. As it’s short, I don’t want to go into too many details, but I will say the kindness shown in this zine had me smiling.

One nit pick that I also mentioned in the previous review is that there aren’t any links of any sort for following up. There absolutely may be a reason for this, which is why I call it a nit pick. But it does niggle me just a touch more in a series because, for instance, I would like number four to complete my set. If I didn’t know where this zine had come from “HRW” wouldn’t be a lot to go on. Searching the title itself means you have to tag on ‘zine’ as well to get close to results about this actual zine.

Anyway, that’s a touch of a tangent there, but it goes to show just how much I like this series. (I want more people to read them!) There’s so much out there about how awful people are. It’s so lovely to me to see some positive human interactions documented in zine form.

Pick up the whole series.

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