Mini Zine Review: Proper Use of a Condom

Proper Use of a Condom
Debbie Bamberger

Proper Use of a Condom is a black and white, US-sized, one page folded mini-zine that is about exactly what the title says.

To be honest, the title made me think this zine was going to be for a giggle. But it’s exactly what it says it is, and I love it even more.

Proper Use of a Condom starts beautifully with “obtain enthusiastic consent” and takes you from there through the few, clear steps on how to use a condom. Every step is written in clear writing and accompanied by simple line drawings to illustrate. Even in something fairly straightforward, Debbie does inject a bit of humour to make you smile.

I love the idea of taking on instructional type minis for things a lot of people might take for granted as common knowledge. I also love the idea of zines being a source of information for things that might otherwise be prohibited in certain situations for young people. It’s plain, simple, and that’s awesome.

Proper Use of a Condom is great and worth picking up if you’re interested. I’d love to see it as part of a whole series of ‘quick and practical’ mini-zines for all sorts of things.

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