Look What I’ve Found! Sticky Institute Short Documentary

“Kevin McDowell’s My Tribe documentary, about Sticky Institute in Melbourne, for ABC Pool.”

I have a habit of ‘wandering’ YouTube when I have some time, trying to see what treasures and what weirdness I can find. I think this short documentary about Sticky is quite good.

And a bonus!

“Located under Flinders St Station, Sticky Institute is a one-stop shop for zines of all kinds. Adriana heads along to this creative space to find out all about zine making and what kind of publications are on offer.”

Look What I’ve Found!

This (probably) isn’t going to be a regular thing, but I did want to start a new category on this blog for when I find zine-related stuff in the wild, woolly internet. Zine culture can cause feelings of isolation, so I want to hoard a new collection of bits and bobs for people to connect to.

By bits and bobs, I mean videos, podcasts, etc.

First up! I was looking for a compromise between doing zine review videos and text reviews. Hello, AudioBoom. On AudioBoom, I found a snippet that not only talks about zines but talks about zines in Adelaide! Yay, Australia! Without further ado…


The Occupy Melbourne zine is done and ready for copying, topping out at both my quickest made zine as well as my longest zine (30 pages). Though Occupy Melbourne (and Sydney, for that matter) no longer have libraries to donate to because of this:

But that doesn’t mean anything is stopping. Melbourne and Sydney are still grouping. I am still planning on sending out copies (unbound, so those who receive can copy as they please) of my zine to ‘occupy’ libraries. I want the world to know what happened in Australia and I want them to know how occupy movements came together in support.

If anyone would like to contribute to another zine like this and/or if you know the PO boxes of occupy movements, please let me know.