Happy Mail Monday: Nyan Cat Edition

Hello, and happy Monday, zine friends!

This Monday hasn’t been a particularly great one so far. I’m feeling a bit run down, which makes everything that little bit more of a task, doesn’t it? I won’t drone on about it because it’s boring and no one wants to read about me being pouty. Haha.

After all, it’s not a truly bad week when there’s lovely mail to share with you.

Colourful mail from Shelley! I thought the nyan cat and taco dog (?) were stickers, but I tried peeling them – and now I’m not sure. They could be bookmarks. Either way, I love how colourful they are! Lots of fun.

Thank you so much to Shelley for this colourful ray of sunshine in my week.

Mini zines from Keira of Small Potatoes fame! I wish I would have taken a closer up view of the washi tape on the envelope because the kitties are so cute.

And, of course, so are tiny zines. Mini-zines just in time for me prepping for Mini-Zine March (where I review exclusively mini-zines for the entire month).

Thanks so much to Keira for the mini-zine goodness!

Ah, mail. No matter how cranky or pouty I am, mail will always brighten my day. I appreciate everyone who takes their time to send me some sunshine, and I appreciate everyone who shares these Happy Mail Mondays with me.

That’s it for me today, zine friends. I hope your week ahead is good and fun.

Until next time…


Happy Mail: Mysteries Solved Edition

Hello, wonderful zine friends, and welcome to a new week!

It’s actually nearing the end of the day on Monday as I type this, but the sun is beautiful, I’ve just finished recording the next episode of the podcast, and I’m feeling good about pushing myself to get more done today than I thought I could. Starting off the week doing more than I thought I could is a good place to be.

Of course, what makes everything better at the start of the week? Happy mail!

Sober Booooooooooob. I always immediately smile when I see this handwriting on an envelope because I know who its from. I’m so excited to be catching up on $50 Minimum and her newest zine ‘Decency is a Relative Thing’. Check out Sober Bob’s Instagram to see the super cool foil technique she used for the title of this zine. I want to do the same thing. ^_^

Thank you, Sober Bob for the happy mail!

How cute is this?! It’s an adorable little parcel with a little watercolour sticker address label with little handwriting…

…filled with mini zines!

Samantha Reigl sent me this adorable package of cuteness. What’s even cooler is that the ‘main’ mini-zine is about ZineWriMo 2017, but it references the other zines in the pack! As in one day might have a little blurb and then say, “Check out the blue mini-zine”. I love this idea so much!

Thank you so much, Samantha! I can hardly wait to start reading.

Real Tioga! Remember Real Tioga 7 and how I wasn’t quite sure what was going on but I liked it?

Mystery solved!

The maker of Real Tioga found me on Instagram and said hello! I was absolutely delighted to find out that the news clippings are from a real paper. ^_^ I had no idea the next one was in the mail. What a lovely surprise!

Thank you so much!

That is all for me today, zine friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the wonderful people who take the time and effort to send me mail and make my world bubble a brighter place. I will be back tomorrow with a few bits and bobs type notes about things.

Until then!

Happy Mail Monday: Zines Aren’t Dead Edition


Hello, zine friends! Welcome to the start of a new week. It’s a bit of a humid, rainy start to the week around these parts, but I’m happy for it given the heat we’ve been dealing with. Bleugh.

Last week was such a zine-filled week! Ah, I love seeing something in the post box so much. So much. I don’t get out much so this makes me really happy level of happiness.

Ahem. Enough about that. Let’s check out the mail!

I love that Nina from Echo Publishing and I have reached the point where we just send each other mail without it needing to be an ‘official’ zine trade and such. I do so much better when I can just send mail when I have the money for stamps. Hahaha.

I am always absolutely thrilled to see anything from Nina in the mail, and this envelope was chock full of zine goodness. Eee! Thank you, Nina!

Oh, the timing! This zine mail is from Jason Rodgers – and I was just reading some of his writing in Cuneiform 17! If that’s not some cool timing of the zineverse, then I don’t know what is.

Thank you, Jason!

Grooooooooooooound! Woo! Remember Ground Issue 1? Well these are issues two and three! Wow am I so excited. It’s sooo cool to know the people making the zines and avoiding my childhood frustration of having no idea where to get the next issues of a comic.

Now I know the people who make the comics. Kid? Meet lolly shop.

Thanks so much to Lee for sending these along with a pin for my collection!

This is from a couple of new zine friends from the UK, Mark and Christine. I love the note they sent along with one part reading, “…starting to become aware that zines did not die in the 70s!” How funny is that? I love it!

No, zine friends, zines are alive, kicking, and making me feel the warm fuzzies in my hearts. Thank you so much for sending me your zine to review!

A huge thanks to everyone who takes the time and the stamps to send me zines and other goodies, making my world a brighter and happier place to live in.

My best wishes to you all for a beautiful week. Until next time!

Happy Mail: Sweets Edition

Hello, zine friends!

Is it Monday already? The weekend went way too fast for me. Then again, that sort of thing is bound to happen when you rarely stop working and struggle to, you know, take a day off every now and then. Haha.

This week’s happy mail was such a surprise! Let’s dive right in.

Given I hadn’t yet replied (it’s now in the mail!) to the last letter from Anna, this one was very much a surprise. A lovely little note and some fun buttons for my collection! These both remind me of my high school days. I was all about smiley faces and writing back then. I love the nostalgia. Thanks so much, Anna!

Wowza! When Xyendra mentioned that we could do a trade because they had some zines from my wishlist, I wasn’t expecting this! It’s like Christmas and my birthday!

I am so excited to start reading these. So many zines to cross off the wish list! My gosh – the generosity. I am just utterly gobsmacked.

Chocolate. Chocolate from Canada. Different kinds of chocolate from Canada to try. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

My gosh. I have a sweet tooth like no other, and I love chocolate. So, so good. Yes, I’ve already tried some, and Xyendra has excellent taste. EEE! I can’t believe someone sent me chocolate! ^_^

What could possibly make me any happier than receiving zines and chocolate? A super cute pen! A super cute pen with a cupcake on top for my perzine series Don’t Call Me Cupcake. How gorgeous is that.

Thank you so much, Xyendra.

A massive thank you to Anna, Xyendra, and everyone who takes time out of their days to check out the blog and send me such lovely zines and bits and bobs that brighten up my world bubble.

That’s me for today, friends. I hope the start to your week is a good one.

Until next time!

Happy Mail: Nearly Forgotten Title Edition

Hello and happy Monday, zine friends!

I hope the start to your week has been good and has you feeling ready to take on the rest of the week. To be honest, mine hasn’t been all the spectacular, but Wanderer’s birthday is tomorrow, and there’s a lot to look forward to for celebrating his day.

And, of course, the day is bright when my post box is full of zines and goodies!

Lady Orchidia got in contact a recently to talk zines and about sending her zine The Fragments Zine all the way here to the land of Oz. I know the postage to Australia can be rough and really appreciate how much bigger that can make the decision to send a zine for review.

But I do so love a perzine, so I think we’re already off to a great start. I also love when zines sent to me for review arrive with a note. ^_^

Thank you very much to Lady Orchida for Fragments 5 – and the feedback on Don’t Call Me Cupcake 5!

Fishspit mail! I always know when it’s happy mail from Fishspit because his envelope collages are always spectacular. I mean, look at this:

That’s just the front of it. I love it.

Fishspit always sends interesting bits and bobs along as well, and I’m looking forward to reading the selection of zines he’s sent along.

Big hugs and big thanks, Fishspit!

Slowquest pack! I know I talk about a lot of things I adore, but I do especially adore the acts of generosity and trade that happen in the zine community. Bodie really went above and beyond in trading this cool padded envelope of awesomeness.

Even the address label is cool!

Piiiins! Awesome pins! This dungeon pin and…

…this wizard pin (both for sale in his shop, by the way) are happily pinned in with the rest of my pin collection. So cool!

Lillian Cuda! I’m not 100% sure on this, but I’m fairly sure this is the first Lillian Cuda zine I have now. Firsts! This lovely was sent my way from a friend who had a looksee at my zine wishlist.

Thank you to my friend, Carol, and to Lillian for the little extras!

That’s it for me today, zine friends. As always, there’s plenty to do but not enough time to do it. I may be back tomorrow, though I’m not sure with what at this point. Haha. Feel free to make suggestions.

I will definitely be back Wednesday because I’ll have a podcast to share with you…

Until then!

Happy Mail Monday: Postcard Edition

Hello, zine friends! Happy Monday. 🙂

We’re really in it now, good ol 2018. We’ve already navigated a few ups and downs with turning resolutions into realities. Figuring out where the best 30 minutes is for writing and perhaps solidifying plans for future projects. (Future zines? 🙂 )

I am feeling anxious (as usual) but excited about things. Having a planner to keep me organised certainly helps on both counts. But you know what helps my anxieties and worries?

Happy Mail!

Oh, segues.

Postcards! Allysha Webber has been so generous in ‘inviting me along’ on her adventures in the US by sending me postcards. It’s fun seeing the world through postcards and doubly fun reading Allysha’s thoughts on where she is.

If you can’t travel, find friends who do. ^_^ Haha.

Many thanks to Allysha.

PS. If anyone has suggestions for how to store postcards in a way where I can see both front and back, let me know. I wish there were trading card-like pages but for postcards instead.

That’s me for today, friends. There is a lot happening in the background for big things to come soon – I promise!

Happy Mail Monday: 2018 Happy New Year Edition

Yeah, that post title is a bit of a hot mess, but here we are and there we go! Hahaha.

I am in a brilliant mood, zine friends. I love New Year’s. I feel like it’s the one enjoyable major holiday that hasn’t been messed with past not-great stuff. Less expectation, more hope and fun. In general, of course. New Year’s can be less than amazing and downright scary, too, so big hugs and lots of encouragement from me if you’re feeling that way.

I also love that 2018 is starting on a Monday (I know – shock horror). I like starting things on Mondays, I get an extra energy boost in starting the work week, and, of course…

Happy Mail!

Thanks to Sensitive Adult Daily (https://www.sensitiveadultdaily.com), I have some awesome zine happy mail to start the year off with!

“Sensitive Adult Daily is a community of sensitive adults who, through creative work, document the struggle of living with lots of feelings.” I first came across Sensitive Adult Daily at Festival of the Photocopier 2016. I reviewed it and have been interested ever since.

They were kind enough to send the whole lot over, and I’m so happy to get started reading them. Thank you so much to Sensitive Adult Daily.

That’s me for today, zine friends. I know today would have been ideal for ‘2018 Plans’ and such, but how could I pass up a Happy Mail Monday – especially when it happens to be the very first day of the year?

Big hugs and zine on!