Mini Zine March 2022

Happy Mini-Zine March!

Wow, wow, wow. How has this been going for seven years already? Seven years of declaring the entire month of March as a celebration month for all the amazing and awesome zines that fall under the half size mark. From the one-page wonders to the chunky monkey quarter sized, mini-zines are amazing, fun, easy to stick in your pocket, and more.

Unfortunately, I am currently in no condition to make this the year that there is a prompts list to follow. Still, we continue on with mini-zine focus for the month. Please don’t be shy about getting in touch or tagging me with the mini-zine creations you make (or review or otherwise feature) this month.

This may be last year’s MZM announcement video, but I do hope my enthusiasm carries through into the new year of mini goodness.