Starting Out

I’ve had a fascination with zines since I discovered them a few years back. It was more of a passing affection at first like smiling at the cute guy you see on the bus every morning but never bothering to take it further than that. We’ll I’ve plucked up my confidence and am asking zine making out on a date. (Workable metaphor? Maybe.)

A few years back (yeah, again), I started a project called ‘Dear Anonymous’ that was Post Secret-esque in that people sent me anonymous letters to other people. I put it up on a blog and went from there. Looking back, I didn’t give it enough time to take off. I was getting few emails – even with friends sending me their letters – and I didn’t want to use anything of mine lest certain people in my life recognize my writing. So the blog died.

But now I’m back with my passion for zines re-ignited and with a feeling that my Dear Anonymous project could be perfect for a zine. I want to make other zines, but DA has always been so close to my heart that it only seems appropriate to start with it.

I want to set up an email for receiving letters to put in the zine, so on and so forth, but we’ll see where we go from here. Leave me a comment if you’ve read this far and there is a letter – long or short – that you’d like to write to your ‘anonymous’. Just remember to make up names (if you want).

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