Dear Anonymous Evolution

This is the original cover for Dear Anonymous when I first started putting it together. At that point, I’d only received a few short letters, so they all fit in perfectly. However, I received one longer letter and rather have to force that person to severely edit the letter, I decided it would be better overall (especially because I want this to be a series) to move from a mini-zine (one page folded up) to a half-fold zine.


It’s not as cute as the other one, but I’m really not that great of an artist so computer printing is a good thing. This is not the final product (as you may have guessed from my handwriting on it), but it’s pretty close. And it’s green! (Inspiration for the title of this blog, anyone?)

Not only does computer printing the cover (well, most of it) make it easier on me, but it will make it cheaper in the end. This first volume has all colour pages which is going to make copying expensive, but I wanted my first one to be exactly the way I wanted it. We’ll see where the next one takes me.

I am still looking for letters, so leave a comment if you’d like to take part. If you’re not comfortable with that, it’s all good. I’ll have a dedicated email for zine things as soon as I sort out whether I want to make this a .com or not.

Purple moose says, “Dot com!” But purple moose doesn’t have to pay any bills, so we’ll see.

4 Replies to “Dear Anonymous Evolution”

  1. I am planning on making mine a DOT COM when I can afford it.
    I am not printing business cards until I can afford to make it a DOT COM and register the business name and trade mark and all that necessary stuff.
    I figure that right now I can focus on the things that matter – the things I am actually going to make. Then I can be famous with a smancy website with a DOT COM.


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