Zine Review: G-String Tremolo

G-String Tremolo

Title: G-String Tremolo
Author: Malenky Monologue
Type: Single Sheet fold
Author Site(s): http://fsuzine.weebly.com/

Review: Another one where I can’t remember where I got it… Maybe where I got it shouldn’t be part of the review.

Anyway, I have to love (at least a little bit) any zine with bold lines and clear typing. I’m a fan of the handwritten zine, too, but typing makes it easy to read. With this little gem, there is the handmade element, too, so the zine soul still exists.

This zine is chapter one of Adrien’s story. For a first chapter, it’s pretty interesting. The editor in me is rearing her head, but that’s only because the writing reads very ‘young’. Now that fits the voice of the character, but it also makes me wonder if the creator is a young writer as well… I’m curious to see if I come across the rest of the chapters floating around.

This zine is a great example of author and contact details being clear and easy to find. You might think that things aren’t hard to find in a single-fold zine, but there are always exceptions… Anyway, two thumbs up for making it easy to check your other stuff out.

STATUS: For Trade

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