Zine Review: Delusion #2

Delusion 2

Title: Delusion #2
Author: Nichole
Type: 1/3 page strips, 1/2 fold
Author Site(s): not the one on the back – that’s for sure http://wemakezines.ning.com/profile/Nichole

Review: This little lovely came with a trade with the author/creator. It’s dated 2010, so it’s not all that recent. Nor is the website on the back related to zines whatsoever. But you can’t fault people from moving on from a domain.

Filled with art and text, this zine feels more like a piece of visual poetry than a story. The text is almost abstract in its own way, though it tells a dark little story about life and growing up. And the demons we carry. I quite like it because it makes me think of all the little layers involved in what I’m seeing/reading.

STATUS: For Trade

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