Zine Review: stolen sharpie revolution 2

Stolen Sharpie Revolution2

Title: stolen sharpie revolution 2
Author: Alex Wrekk
Type: 10.6×13.8cm book
Author Site(s): http://alexwrekk.wordpress.com/

Review: I bought this little lovely on Etsy, and I am glad I did. This zine is a book to the point of having an actual ISBN. It’s full of pretty much anything and everything you might want to know about not only making a zine but spreading it around, running a distro, and more. I’m the kind of person who worries about doing things ‘right’ (which, I know, is not exactly singing to the zine-making tune), so this little book gave me some reassurance as well as ideas.

It’s not a ‘must have’ because, I think, zines are about freedom and innovation. But, it is a good resource if you want one.

STATUS: For Keeps

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