Zine Review: Side by Side

Side By Side

Title: Side by Side & Spring is Here
Author: Sassy Spinster
Type: A6 Accordion Fold Double-Zine
Author Site(s): http://theduskofdawn.blogspot.com

Review: When it comes to the zines I make, I am a bit of a traditionalist. But I really love when people go for more creative ways to present their zines. An accordion fold might not seem all that great or creative, but it gave Sassy Spinster a way to present two zines – two stories – in one neat package. Love it.

You may recall my previous review (probably below this post if you’re looking at the blog) of an art zine that didn’t really jive with me. This is another artistic zine with ‘Side by Side’ featuring full-colour, detailed art while ‘Spring is Here’ tells a much simpler black and white tale. I love how Sassy uses juxtaposition with this zine. Two stories, two sides of the picture, one story is complex, deep, and complicated while the other is light-hearted and darkly humourous. She has taken a way of structuring a zine and turned it into a play on the structure.

She probably just made it for fun and didn’t think about these things, but reading into deeper meanings is the joy of the reviewer…

STATUS: For Keeps

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