Zine Review: Without a Map: A You Adventure

Without A Map

Title: Without a Map: A You Adventure
Author: Metlinsley (?) Oblivion Spin
Type: A7 (? – itty bitty!)
Author Site(s): ?

Review: Itty bitty zine! Once again, I love zines presented in a non-traditional way, but man, I’d be afraid of losing this in my purse! It’s pretty small. I imagine there are smaller ones out there, though…

Without a Map is a poetic zine, written in the second person – meaning it addresses YOU the reader. Text pressed onto the black and white background gives you a feeling that the pretty words will only lead to bad things. Like with most poetry, I wavered on what I thought of it and what I thought it meant. All in all, the poem itself left me feeling so-so, but I liked its presentation.

(Yeah, even uni poetry classes couldn’t teach me as much appreciation as I should have…)

STATUS: For Trade

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