Zine Ninja Adventures: Fun Times in Melbourne

Zine Ninja wanders as he pleases throughout the world. He decided to gift me with his presence on my recent trip to Melbourne.


Zine Ninja likes to take it all in. Even when the train hasn’t left the station yet.


Simple comforts make Zine Ninja happy.


Waiting for a tram isn’t so bad on such a beautiful day.

Sticky Institute

Zine Ninja loves Sticky! What? You can’t see him? That doesn’t mean he isn’t there…


Zine Ninja always likes to take time to hang with the locals. He gives the Melbourne Aquarium two swords up.


After a few too many drinks the night before, Zine Ninja needs a proper cup of wake-up juice.


Zine Ninja doesn’t always eat brekkie in Melbourne, but when he does, it’s a blueberry bagel with generous helpings of cream cheese.


That’s it for Zine Ninja for now. He’s off on another adventure somewhere without me. Perhaps he’ll bring pictures. Until our next adventure together…


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