Zine Review: The Ken Chronicles 33

Ken Chronicles 33

The Ken Chronicles 33
Ken Bausert
US half-fold
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The Ken Chronicles 33 is the first perzine I traded for in an effort to ‘research’ perzines before making my own. To my delight, this zine is an excellent example.

I’ve come to realise that I judge zines by their feel as well as their cover. What I mean is that I love the feel/weight of a ‘solid’ zine. Something that I know will provide me with more than a minute of reading. Picking up this zine gives that expectation – and delivers.

As I read, I felt like I was reading a ‘life digest’ magazine. I love the variety I found inside. He includes letters from people who have read his zines (a great idea I’d love to copy!), pieces about zines and his life, a few zine reviews, and more.

He doesn’t waste room, either, with all pages packed with words (that are still in a readable font size).

As someone who likes to do ‘further research’ on the zines I like, I appreciated him putting all details in regards to him, his zines and contacting him right in front. That he introduced me to a few zines I am eager to get hold of is a great bonus.

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