Chookless Head*

It’s interesting how quickly something can become a part of your life. While, in reality, I missed two reviews and Sunday Call for Subs (the latter not really ‘missed’, as no one had a claim on it). Not the end of the world by any means. But I do still feel a little odd when I miss a day here.

All for good reason. Wanderer had a rather significant birthday on this weekend, so I did have to dedicate some time to finding memes to plaster all over his Facebook wall. My favourite:

weird balloons

I was also responsible for the birthday cake. Wanderer requested chocolate cheesecake with chocolate chips. I did him one better and included a chocolate base, chocolate ganache, and chocolate chips sprinkled on top. This is what that looks like:


On another note…

The good news is that my technical difficulties appear to have stemmed (knock on wood that it remains in the past tense) from a software problem rather than a hardware problem. Also, while I have run out of some ink on my printer, I still have plenty of good ol’ black so I can finish up DA3 without a problem. I’m hitting that hard today because I *love* some of these letters so much and want to see them in final form.

A little stumble in the beginning of the year is certainly nothing new for me. The world keeps turning.

Now for zine-making!

*Chookless Head? Well… Headless Chicken = Headless Chook + switch it around = Chookless Head


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