Zine Review: You Don’t Know Me

2015-03-12 20.32.45

You Don’t Know Me
Gemma Flack

You Don’t Know Me is a beautiful black and white zine of little words and hand drawn images. While it may be easy for some to breeze through it in a minute or two, it can have a lot more meaning if you let it.

On the fact of it, it’s composed of a few sentences – but they are sentences I have thought thousands of times. I am a woman who has judged and been judged based on appearance only. So, instead of flipping through the zine, I slowed down and really looked at the drawings. Gemma’s drawing is both straight to the point and intricate when you pause a moment to look closer.

*Special note on the back: For each copy of this zine sold, $1 will be donated to IWDA: International Women’s Development Agency, advancing women’s rights in Asia & the Pacific.

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