Happy Mail: Epic Pocket Letter!

I’m thinking of moving happy mail from being a Monday thing to being a Tuesday thing. It works out to be much easier most times. Anywho, no zine love this week, but I did receive an awesome pocket letter from Hawaii. So, if you’re into that, keep going. If not… Send me some zines?


This first is from a good friend on Swap-Bot. I do love bling and sticky notes. I have yet to find them in one glorious combination. Until then, lovely people send me these awesome goodies.

2015-06-02 18.16.14

And now for the most EPIC pocket letter that I have ever received. Admittedly, this is maybe the fifth one I have received, but it is awesome. I love it – and it’s from Hawaii! Bucket list destination. ā¤

2015-06-02 18.14.51

2015-06-02 18.15.16

2015-06-02 18.15.49

That’s all for now! If you want to see what I’m sending out, I can put up those pictures as well. Let me know!


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