Plague: Day 6


Day One: It’s a Friday. Who doesn’t love a Friday? I don’t. Wanderer wandered home from the pub with an invisible enemy latched on…

Day Two: What a miserable start to the long weekend. A mere 12 hours after taking hold in Wanderer, The Plague has sunk its claws into me, too.

Day Three: My Plague is not Wanderer’s Plague. We are experiencing very different symptoms. Casa de Nyx is under quarantine.

Day Four: Wanderer is very slightly improved. We’ll take any good news. I am mostly improved, but I must head to the medic for other complications.

Day Five: Wanderer has slept most of the day. I think that’s good. I’m mostly recovered from my Plague, but I’m sneezing a lot… Like Wanderer did at the start of his Plague.

Day Six: Wanderer is almost completely recovered from his Plague. I am now in the middle of his Plague. Two plagues… Complications… I am reduced to watching YouTube videos all day.

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